Tunes Temporarily Taken Down

The tunes on the Tunes page has been taken down due to the bandwidth limit being exceeded (50 cents for every GB over the limit, so now I owe $75, oy.) I didn’t anticipate this kind of attention for the tunes, but they will be back up around July 9th when the month cycle restarts. I’ll also have 380 new songs available to listen to, too.

This time around I won’t allow the ability to download the tunes, which I hope will keep me within the bandwidth limit, and from having to pay out of my own pockets. Yesterday alone transferred over 100GB, which is amazing.

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  1. Mr Nutt

    Sorry about your bandwidth, but damn dude you have the best shit out here.Whoever is mixing these, is it you? This person is the best right up there with KID CAPRI.
    Can’t wait, THANKS MUCH

  2. Nope, I just host the mixes, there are numerous DJ’s that put together those excellent tunes. Some of them are linked on the Tunes page. I’m still going to add more as I get some time.

  3. Luc

    Could we get mailed some special requests, cuz I found some really rare stuff in your directory, ::: good shit !!!

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