Blingo – Search and Win Prizes

You may notice the new Blingo graphic up at the top of the page. Blingo is a new search engine where you can win prizes while searching. Not to worry if you like Google, as it uses the Google search engine, as well. There’s also toolbars you can add to Internet Explorer and Firefox to make searching easy.

There is no catch, you simply win prizes by doing searches. And if you win a prize, I win the same prize too if you sign up under me. It’s really quite brilliant, even Erik over at won a prize, movie tickets for a movie of his choice.

Here are the prizes for this month being given away:

  • Sony PlayStation Portable (or $300 cash)
  • Apple iPod Mini (or $200 cash)
  • One Year of Free Movies from (or $180 cash)
  • Apple iPod Shuffle (or $100 cash)
  • Amazon Gift Certificate (or $25 cash)
  • Blingo Movie Ticket Certificate good for one adult admission to theatres throughout the US

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  1. erma brown

    this blingo is a con for to pay some.erma

  2. Since 1987, I ordered some items from Publishers Clearing House and kept on doing so and follow their directions accordingly. However now, I start to lose faith into the American dream that was dwelling in my state of mind in order to meet my dreams of security.
    Time is flying and have only a few years to go on to secure, not only myself, but the ones I love the most.

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