Tunes Taken Down, Up on August 9th

The tunes have been taken down as the bandwidth limit has been reached for this month. It lasted longer, thanks to the kind people that donated to help keep them up longer. Over 15,000 people enjoyed the tunes since they went up this month; that’s a lot of people. All the donaters should have an email now with download access details, which is my way of thanking them for donating to my bandwidth bill.

I hadn’t expected the tunes to be as popular as it has become. I’ve learned a few things. Mainly that bandwidth, and lots of it, isn’t easy nor cheap to come by. Also, my upload speed is very slow (40kB/sec max). I knew that before, but now it’s highlighted as of late.

I had found another host, HighWirePCs, that claim to give 400GB worth of bandwidth (in comparison, my host gives 192GB), however as of last night, HighWirePCs has disabled my account, as I can’t log in to it, and I had nearly 7GB worth of tunes uploaded. I’ve emailed them and hope to get a response.

I’m hoping that by the time August 9th comes around, when the tunes will be back up, I’ll have some ideas to help get the tunes to stay up for a whole month, or at least get everyone the chance to enjoy them.

I got a response back from HighWirePCs. They actively monitored my account, and they claim that the mashups are illegal and violates their TOS, so they deleted my account without seeking clarification. Which of course, is their right, although mashups have not been deemed illegal, and falls under fair use rights. I’ve learned my lesson, however, and that is if a service sounds too good to be true, then chances are it is. Thankfully, my current host, Dreamhost are a lot more understanding and courteous.

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  1. We did give you a second chance on a new server. Also, he forgot to mention that he caused the whole server crash causing about 6 hours worth of downtime for over 100 clients because of his streaming music which is specifically stated as not allowed in our TOS. We noted 100’s of WWW connections that flooded our server at a rate of 50 hits per second.

    Thank you.

  2. Brian,

    You are correct, you did give me a second chance, which I declined and thanked you for, due to how you handle your customers. As I mentioned in the email to you, a clarification from you, and a chance for us to resolve the situation as mature adults would’ve saved us both time.

    As for your claim that I had caused 6 hours of downtime, either you’re outright lying, or entirely mistaken and placing the blame on me. The only person downloading the tunes, was me to test the download speed. I had not given out the address to anyone while I was uploading the tunes, as I wanted to be sure they were even available when done. Then I had planned on building a web design with details about mashups, before I allowed access to the tunes. I sure can’t do 50 hits a second, not even the Tunes page on this site got that many hits, even when it was linked on MetaFilter,, GYBO, and numerous other sites in a day.

  3. Well, as I write this message my website has been down for 15 hours from Highwirepcs.

    That makes me one pissed off priest!

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