Independent Gaming Roundup

The PC gaming scene has dried up this summer, so I thought I’d point out some games from independent developers whose #1 priority is fun (which can’t be said for other big-budget “AAA” titles.) Here’s some goodies to check out:

  • Mount & Blade – A simplistic medieval game, with old school graphics, but lots of fun. The combat is especially slick. Open-ended, and with lots of strategy involved.
  • Laser Dolphin – An Ecco the Dolphin (a brilliant Sega Genesis game back in the days) remake with lasers involved.
  • Trash – A RTS with a nice style, and good fun.
  • They Came From Hollywood – Star in your own B-list horror movie, and trash the city as a giant monster on a rampage. Sports a very nice engine.
  • Astrogeddon – New school makeover of the classic Atari game, Asteroids.

While, not independent, Fate from WildTangent is insanely addictive and cheap. Think of it as a Diablo 1 in a cutesy World of Warcraft style.

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  1. Brian

    Always a man that can find gems on the web…thanks man.

    BTW – What was the online game where you got points and built armies of monsters to fight…

    You chose other players to attack and gained rank but only had so many turns per day?

  2. Brian

    BTW – I dont see a dload link for They came from Hollywood…

  3. You seem to be so enjoying some kind of medieval-themed real-time strategy games….I would like to add in your list my favorite game …..this is also MMORTG that is surely non-time demanding yet so fun and cool game to play with….

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