Gmail Locked Me Out

I can’t check my email because Google has decided to lock me out. According to Google, I’m using a 3rd party application they don’t support, except I’m using their own provided software, Gmail Notifier, to check my email. This is the message they give me:

Our system indicates unusual usage of your account. In order to protect Gmail users from potentially harmful use of Gmail, this account has been disabled for up to 24 hours.

If you are using any third party software that interacts with your Gmail account, please disable it or adjust it so that its use complies with the Gmail Terms of Use. If you feel that you have been using your Gmail account according to the Terms of Use or otherwise normally, please contact us at to report this problem.

I’ve had nothing but praise for Gmail, but this latest incident of locking me out wrongfully has me really wondering if I should try another service. I rely on my email for important business, and personal communication. A search on Google shows that a number of other people are having this problem too.

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  1. steve

    Hello, did they ever unlock you??
    I am having the same issue ! Any help appreciated, thanks a lot

  2. Yes, they unlocked me within a 24 hour period.

  3. chris

    Same problem here now for more than 2 weeks. I think Iwill give up on Gmail alltogether. That is like Big Brother watching email. Never had anything like that with many different email services I have used in the last 20 years. Gmail–You Suck.

    (By the way – Gmail is not supposed to be used for business use so Gmail will cut you off if you complain that you cannot get to important business emails).
    So much for what I know.
    The locking the account is an unexplainable event, and no help available.

  4. PLEASE HELP, I am out of the country and i need to communicate on almost a daily basis, i cant lock in to read my mail or send mail. Today i could lock in once, while deleting some emails the mail locked out without any notice. i cant afford to not be able to stay in contact, i have business related problems i need to resolve.
    PLEASE ADVISE what i can ans should do if the fault is not on gmails side.
    Thank you, most appreciated i will wait for you feedback in resloving this problem.

  5. akshay

    my account has been locked i am unable 2 log in

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