Razer Copperhead Mouse Images

Razer sent me some photos of their new mouse, the Copperhead, which was recently announced. Photos:

Company pitch:

Powered by Razer Precision(tm) technology, the Copperhead’s laser sensor has an unequaled tracking precision of up to 2000 dpi, making it the most precise gaming mouse available. As a full speed USB device, the Copperhead is also the fastest mouse compared to other gaming mice. Its 16 bit data channel features 1000Hz Ultrapolling(tm) capabilities, and with a 1 millisecond response rate, the Copperhead empowers gamers with lightning-fast response that can mean the difference between fragging vs. getting fragged to the hardcore gamer. The mouse features a frame rate of over 7000 frames per second (fps) – far surpassing the industry’s current frame rate of 6400 fps and high-speed motion detection of more than 50 inches/second.

Suddenly my Logitech MX510 doesn’t seem so hot anymore.

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  1. I just bought (and returned) the Razer Diamondback. It seems to be completely as precise as advertised, the software was great (including the on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment), and the buttons were easily and intuitive to remap to my personal preferences.

    So why’d I return it?

    It was simply too darned small. I found my hand cramping up as I used it in-game. If the first Razer Boomslang was too large, the Diamondback was too small.

    Cryin’ shame, I tell you. I think I would have really liked that mouse.

  2. Yea, the Boomslang took a while to get used to, but it was really great once you had the hang of it down pat. Never tried the Diamondback, but heard it was too small. Think Razer finally got it with the Copperhead, it looks to be right in the middle of the previous two incarnation.

  3. Jaybo

    How many buttons on this thing?

  4. gibby

    From the img’s it looks exsactly like a diamondback apart from the side button’s.. im also thinking it will be the same small size :)

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