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You may remember I had posted about Protopage, and really liked it. Well now I’ve found a new, better service that I have replaced it with, called Netvibes.

Netvibes Screenshot

Netvibes allows you to import feeds from other sites with a really slick built-in feed reader, add new ones in a pre-built list, show weather in your city/town, unread email from Gmail, post in sticky notes, and search in Google, Yahoo, and more. The nice thing about it are upcoming features that makes the service even better. It features a nice, clean design, and it’s really easy to figure out and use.

Some reviews of Netvibes can be found at DigitalTechLife and SolutionWatch.

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  1. Chris: Well, if you want to call Microsoft’s a blatant rip-off of Google’s Personal page. More than likely Google got the idea from another site. It’s all about who has more features, and easiest UI at this point.

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