Tunes Page Updated – Now Chilled

The mashups have been taken down for now, and I’ve put up a collection of ambient tunes that will chill you out, enlighten you, and generally put a smile on your face. It’s relaxing music that is perfect while working, as it doesn’t distract, but complements your mood. It’ll cheer you up when you’re down, relax you when you’re stressed, and provoke positive thoughts. The Ambient Nights series are a sample platter of tasty tunes that takes you on journeys of the mind, heart, and soul. Give it a shot

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  1. Emily

    looks like i have bad timing – i’m in dire need of some mash-ups, and you’ve just taken them down! see, i’m a dj on my college radio “station” (, and this week i wanted to play mash-ups. i was going to get them from, who used to have some posted, but they’ve taken them down, too. do you think you’d be able to help me out? my show is wednesday at 9pm. thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Emily, I’m sorry that I can’t put the mashups back online. It was too popular, and the bandwidth bill was getting too high to keep them up for very long. Donations helped, but didn’t solve the problem entirely. Best of lucks with the college radio station.

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