Southern by the Grace of God

Southern EatsI found a few things lying around the kitchen to make this southern dish. It consists of cooked white rice at the bottom, then layered on top collard greens that was cooked in spicy pickled garlic (5 cloves), balsamic vinegar, and lots of salt. Then on top of that I layered black eyed peas that cooked with stewed tomatoes, jalapenoes, and cilantro. To top it all off, I used a delicious pepper sauce (you can see the bottle behind the plate) that made the dish go from good to great. That’s as southern as it gets, folks.

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  1. Seth

    We got a local dish here in Savannah, GA that I really like. Its shrimp and sausage pan sauteed in cajun spices, then placed on a bed of collard greens on a bed of red rice….so tasty

  2. That does sound great, I’d go for some of that right now. :)

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