My Dad No Longer Has Cancer

Yesterday I got the news after 6 weeks of radiation treatment, that the doctors cannot find a trace of cancer cells in his body, and he is in remission. My dad, family, and friends are all relieved. It really hasn’t fully dawned on me, I expect to go to bed one night, cry, breathe a sigh of relief, something like that. Thank you to everyone that gave me support, prayed for my dad, and given words of encouragement.

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  1. horai

    That’s the best news I’ve heard in a long while. Great stuff Matt, I’m really pleased for you and your dad. :)

  2. Peachy

    I don’t know you Matt, but I read about how awful it was for you when you found out about your dads illness, and your words really touched me. I am really pleased that you, your dad and your family – it must be such a relief. :)

  3. Simon: Yes it is excellent news. :)

    horai: Thank you very much.

    Peachy: Definitely a relief. I really hadn’t realize how drastically it has affected me until I got the good news, and it felt like a heavy shadow has left my body, and I felt peaceful again.

  4. Yay!! for your dad. I was just cruising through blogs and happen to come across yours, I’m a cancer survivor myself, 6 months cancer free so far!

  5. laurie: Congratulations! I’m getting an inkling of how exciting that is based on the relief of my dad’s voice on the phone. Love your blog’s look, I’m a sucker for pink myself.

    Ryan: Thank you. :)

  6. Cindy


    I’m very happy to hear this good news. Lately our world is so obsessed with disasters and bad news, I think it is very important to take a moment and cherish this miracle. Your father has been successfully treated, and you and your family have been given an opportunity to enjoy each other’s presence a little bit longer.

    I know you and your Dad have had your issues, but that’s all besides the point. It speaks volumes of your personal character and the love you have for your family that the news that your Dad was ill was so devestating to you.

    I’m glad for you, and knowing you on a personal basis, I can say with all honesty that I know that this was a difficult time for you. Congratulations to you and your family for making it through this terrible interuption in life. Cherish your loved ones. Hold them tight.

    Congratulations again.


  7. Anonymous

    That’s really great cause it happens not so often that after the treatment no tof cancer cells is found. Usually it helps stop spreading but not curing.

  8. kyle

    i am 14 years old i have a a feeling in my throat for about 3 weeks now i am realy scared i havent been to the doctors because it might just be me i am realy scared im going to go to my gp to morrow wish me look

  9. Radhika

    How was that possible? My mom has been diagnosed havin stage 4 throat cancer. Doctor has suggested radiationtherapy but doesn’t give us any hope of her surivial. I’m too worried about her.

  10. naba das

    thanks god……i feel happy after heared this message. How it possible..can you please send me the doctor’s address in details.

  11. Kelly

    Matt, That is tremendous news about your father, it actually gives me faith that my dad will fight this wretched disease just as fast as your dad did. My Father is 58 and has recently been diagnosed with not so severe throat cancer on his vocal chords and he is undergoing radiation.He has almost completely lost his voice, i was just wondering about your dads condition after radiation. I hope he heals well and you guys get to do something Outrageously fun like sky diving. Since you just conquered the most challenging thing ever!!!

  12. Lucy Lou

    I just came upon your post. My husband was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer of the throat. 8 weeks of radiation and 6 of chemo.
    I hope it’s ok to ask…
    How is your dad doing?
    My husbands doctors hinted he had less than 18 months.
    I look forward to hearing from you
    Warmest Regards
    Lucy Lou

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