Gourmet Weekend Cookoff

Going broke because you splurged for the weekend in the name of gourmet meals is quite cathartic. Last night I made tilapia broiled with sesame oil and kosher salt, and then topped with a coconut milk and curry sauce that brought a lot of flavor to a largely mild fish. Alongside it I made a homemade asparagus soup, and baked potatoes. It all turned out real good.

Tonight I plan on making homemade chicken lo mein and hot and sour soup. The hot and sour soup will include some exepensive imported Chinese dried mushrooms that is both medicinal and delicious in nature.

Tomorrow night will be the big event, with a huge 4lb. lamb roast that will be slow-grilled for hours, and include a merlot steam bath laced with fresh rosemary and thyme sprigs. It’ll be accompanied by fresh peas, and mashed potatoes topped with chives and sour cream. I am so looking forward to this, and hope to have some pictures of the cooking process, and eventually how yummy it feels in my tummy.

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  1. Lucy Peach

    Hey Matt!

    That Lamb looks scruptious! If you don’t mind sharing – I would love the recipe….

  2. It was unbelievable, one of the best meals I’ve made in a while. You can find the recipe here:


    I changed my mind about grilling it, and decided to bake because it was a $20 piece of meat and I am not good enough at grilling to risk that on a beautiful piece of meat.

    While baking it in the oven, when someone is near the kitchen, ask them if they heard a noise in the kitchen. Act puzzled and a little bit worried, and when they start looking alarmed, say, “I heard a noise somewhere in the kitchen, it sounded like baaaaa baaaaa” like a sheep. It cracked my roommates up when I pulled that on them.

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