Postal – Angel Pumping Gas

Angel Pumping Gas was largely thought to be by The Postal Service, but it’s actually by a band formerly called Postal, and now known as Lindsey Pool. It’s an insanely catchy love song with great lyrics that I find myself playing it often.

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  1. Jay

    ah, thought it didnt sound like them! good song though. Postal service covered mushaboom by feist ( its well good.

  2. Kelley

    I knew it too! I was trying to figure it out for the longest time who sang it, and I knew it couldn’t be the Postal Service because it sounds nothing like Ben Gibbard. Def a good song!

  3. Wood

    Yo, sounds like that band Fastball.
    (The Way, Out of My Head)
    I could tell it wasn’t the Service.

  4. haha me too! i thought there is no way this is ben gibbard…i was finally compelled to google it though cause i like the song so much that i wanted to figure out who it was really by so i could get more of their songs….i love how so many other people are in the same boat as me. its a good song isnt it funny.

  5. Stephen

    Lindsey Pool is a local band from Hillsboro Oregon, where I’m from. I heard about them about a year ago, though they formed in ’98 I think. Go to if your interested in Angel Pumping Gas, which is on the Postal album.

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