Moby – My Weakness

One thing I really like about Moby is that he doesn’t restrict his music taste to any one style or genre. He just goes with what feels and sounds good, and that’s why I think the whole Play album is extraordinary. Not one song is alike, it spans a number of genres, and can never get boring. One of my favorite songs on the album is My Weakness, a chillout ambient tune that’s both pretty and haunting.

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  1. Its the soundclip from X-Files – Closure and you’re right moby is wonderfull , all he’s songs are an original art , and the sounds go deeply in you’re heart .

  2. Scoey

    It’s perfect for that scene, too. As the liberated souls of long-dead murdered children pass through some kind of spiritual portal, they seem to all be singing in a chorus that is simultaneously mournful and joyous at once. It almost makes me want to believe in a heaven.

    “Ooh, I go home, home with Him.”

    It’s spooky and sweet at the same time.

    I wish people didn’t go around murdering children, but the fact that they do led to this scene, and Moby’s inclusion on the soundtrack. I guess I’d be willing to give up the pleasure of this song if it meant no more children would be murdered.

    I’m starting to cry…

    …it must be the cold medicine. *sniff*

  3. adri

    The song is wonderful.
    When I first saw that x-files chapter I thought it was specially made for the series, since it really fits that moment (THE moment) when he finally finds “the truth”. A beautiful closure.

    And is true, the good about Moby is that he makes all kind of stuff, and they’re all good.

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