Huge List of Upload Services

Upload Services

Here’s a huge list of upload services where you can upload and share large files. With email, you’re limited to 10MB files, while most homemade upload services is restricted by PHP’s own upload filesize limit. These upload services are ideal for sharing large videos, compressed archives, and whatever else you need them for.

Update 2/25/09: If you need to upload a file to multiple sharing sites, Gazup! can mirror your file across many of the popular free file hosts.

Site NameMax File SizeDownload LimitFile Life
MegaShares1.5GBUnlimited25 Days
SendSpace1.2GBUp to 100GB14 Days
YouSendIt1GB25 Downloads7 Days
TransferBigFiles1GB20 Downloads5 Days
Badongo1GBUnlimited30 Days
zUpload500MBUnlimited30 Days
FileFactory500MBUnlimited14 Days
mooload500MBUnlimited30 Days
CyberUpload500MBUnlimited7 Days
Uploading500MBUnlimited30 Days
Snaggys500MB999 Downloads15 Days
FileFactory300MBUnlimited15 Days
Bigupload300MBUnlimited30 Days
RapidUpload300MBUnlimited30 Days
ShareBigFile300MBUnlimited21 Days
Site NameMax File SizeDownload LimitFile Life
MegaUpload250MBUnlimited30 Days
XtraFile250MBUnlimited15 Days
bonpoo250MBUnlimited10 Days
FileCache250MBUnlimited31 Days
Supload200MB30 Downloads7 Days
RapidShare100MBUnlimited30 Days
myShareBox100MBUnlimited30 Days
TheUpload100MBUnlimited30 Days
zSHARE100MBUnlimited10 Days
StoreAndServe100MBUnlimited30 Days
FileBuffer100MBUnlimited30 Days
QuickDump100MBUp to 500MB per hour30 Days
Site NameMax File SizeDownload LimitFile Life
Easy-Sharing75MBUnlimited30 Days
SaveFile60MBUnlimited14 Days
FileHD60MBUnlimited30 Days
RapidSharing50MBUnlimited60 Days
UploadSend50MBUnlimited30 Days
UploadFront50MBUnlimited30 Days
Momoshare50MBUnlimited15 Days
FriendlyShare50MBUnlimited30 Days
orb-z50MB200 Downloads15 Days
UploadHut50MBUnlimited30 Days
SupaShare50MBUnlimited14 Days
SceneWorld50MB1000 Downloads50 Days
Site NameMax File SizeDownload LimitFile Life
MyTempDir40MBUnlimited21 Days
Send=File40MB10 Downloads10 Days
UltraShare30MBUnlimited30 Days
UploadTemple30MBUnlimited21 Days
SendMeFile30MBUnlimited14 Days
Upload225MBUnlimited1 Year
UploadTown20MBUnlimited30 Days
WebFileHost10MBUnlimited30 Days
Site NameMax File SizeDownload LimitFile Life

This list was originally posted by Phil over at Shacknews.

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    At this time, it has a 300mb filesize limit.

    The servers sometimes are very fast, and sometimes crowded and then slow as hell.

  2. Seregwethrin

    File Size Limit: 5GB
    Download Limit: Unlimited
    File Life: 30 days (Deleted only if there is no download activity in 30 days)

  3. Allows you to upload and share upto 1 GB uploads,Allows multiple uploads at one time,30 days File Life,No download,easy and fast

    image Uploading site.Allows you to upload and share upto 1 GB uploads,Allows multiple uploads at one time, File Life: 30 days (Deleted only if there is no activity in 30 days),No download,easy and fast………

  5. http://www.BOXSTr.Com ! is an online file storage service that lets you upload images, videos and documents. You get 10GB for free, and extended plans will cost you about $60 per year, and that gets you 20GB of space, with unlimited folders.That ’s plenty of free space for the folks that like to share photos and videos. Check Them out at


    Space: 10GB
    Bandwidth: 10GB
    Max File: 250MB
    Hotlinking: Yes
    Sharing: DUH!

    This website combines a very simplistic approach to store your image files online, along with providing each user with multiple linking options. The site is of tremendous value to bloggers,Forum users, web auctioneers and other users who cannot afford a paid hosting solution.
    “Although the free image hosting market seems to be increasing in competition, we feel our easy to use website along with our reliable/friendly service will help differentiate us from our competitors,”

  7. EggHD

    Unfortunately MediaFire now has a 100MB cap to individual file sizes, shame…

  8. brendan

    Can you please edit the mediafire entry as it is only 100mb max file size.
    Also free is only 10mb max file size.
    Please do maintain this because it is a high ranking hit on google and the original is not nearly as ordered as this.
    thanks very much
    i like your work

  9. I’ve fixed the list with the above posted updates.

  10. mediate

    You might want to add flyupload, 2GB, 60 days. Link above.

  11. alex

    I love I have 250 MB with File Life unlimited and download unlimited mirror in usa & europe with and olso SEO LINKs ! when you upload your file your site will bee appear there ! Sounds greait!

  12. has drag and drop file management in AJAX

  13. Teresa

    I trust only and only I have used it to upload many videos and images onto my site i.e

    Believe me photobucket works great!!

  14. Upload via FTP

    No filesize/filetype limits

    No bandwidth limit

    1 GB Disk Space and more

  15. mohammad


  16. greg

    Why just use simple upload hosting when you can do multiple hosting in one click?

    Use “Upload Mirrors” and your files will be uploaded to Rapidshare, Megaupload, Easy Share, ZShare, DepositFiles, sendspace, Badongo, Netload, Megashare, Zippyshare, Flyupload and in only one simple click!

    Check it out:

  17. Datalyss

    Ok, why does the “SendOver” link take me to some kid’s blog?

  18. sjensen

    Fast and simple free image hosting
    – 100% free
    – Fast, No limits, No adds! No Premium!.

    Check it out:

    file ducky
    upload jockey

    filedropper 5gb
    file savr 10gb
    4 shared -5gb
    adrive -50gb

  20. Upload complete folder and files
    Upload unlimited files with a 250MB Total Max Size
    Zips Files during upload for faster downloading
    Completely FREE!

  21. Trua

    – 2GB file size limit
    – Uploads file to over then 15 file hosts at one go
    – Have email notification
    – 100% Free and don’t require registration

    Check it out:

  22. Fer

    crazy list =))) legend

  23. Please i need the Uploader which can share my Audio mp3 with youtube

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