iRiver Clix 2GB MP3 Player Review

When shopping for a MP3 player, I originally wanted a tiny flash-based one for when I go on early morning runs, since hard drive-based ones tend to skip when there are sudden movements.  However, when I saw the iRiver Clix, I realized that I won’t be running all the time, so I might as well be able to enjoy it for when I’m not exercising.

The iRiver Clix (MSRP $199.99) features the ability to play music in these formats: .mp3, .ogg, and .wma.  On top of that, it features the ability to play video, show pictures, and let you play Flash Lite games.  It has a rather large (for a MP3 player) 2.2″ LCD screen that is quite bright, and which can display 260,000 colors.  Additionally it has a built-in FM tuner, so you can listen to local FM radio stations.

It charges up the lithium-poly battery via the USB 2.0 cord, and a single charge can bring you between 10-20 hours (20 hours if you’re listening in the worst possible audio quality, don’t use the LCD screen much, and other best-case scenario variables.)  You can expect around 13 hours of playtime for the average listener, less if you watch videos often and use an aggressive equalizer setting.

It supports all of the online music stores that isn’t called iTunes Music Store.  So it supports URGE, eMusic, MSN Music, Rhapsody, Napster, and other PlaysForSure verified services.

Other little features worth mentioning are:

  • voice recording
  • built-in alarm clock
  • read any text-based file

I’ll go into detail on each feature later on.

A negative aspect of owning the Clix is the rather strict and unnecessary requirements, which is as followed:

  • Windows XP (Service Pack 1 or higher)
  • Windows Media Player 10 or greater
  • CD-ROM drive
  • USB port

From what I understand, the Clix is part of a partnership with iRiver and Microsoft to promote Microsoft’s Digital Rights Management ideals, thus forcing you to use their operating system and media player.  It’s something I’m willing to put up with, but your mileage may vary.

The CD comes bundled with the first beta version of Windows Media Player 11, which is quite buggy, and in my opinion, has the most aggravating and illogical interface for those with fairly large music collections.  After using iTunes and its streamlined interface for a while, it feels like a huge step backwards.

Accessories that comes in the package are your usual standard fare, and some nice additions against the norm.  For starters, you have your basic cheap earphones, which is unfortunately white.  I say unfortunate because it resembles the iPod earphones, which has become a fashion statement amongst teens, and more importantly, a tell-tale sign for iPod thieves to rob you (see this NYTimes story).  There’s also a manual, quick start installation CD, preloaded tracks from eMusic, preloaded games, USB 2.0 cable, and as the nice addition, a carrying case with screen cleaner.

The version of the Clix I have is 2GB, and at present there aren’t any other capacity available.  For my purpose, 2GB is plenty, but it can be a drawback for those looking for lots of room on their MP3 player.  The face of the unit features no buttons or switches, which drew me to it in the first place.  I like the clean, minimalist look.

One drawback to having no buttons on the screen is that the material itself will get greasy fingerprints left on them each time you use it.  Since it’s black and shiny, it’s rather easy to see.  The iPods all have this problem, and other MP3 players as well, and it’s annoying to see that the trend continues with the Clix.  Why can’t manufacturers find a material that isn’t so easily attracted to the grease on your fingers?  For example, the clear faceplate on my watch.  It’s scratch-resistant, doesn’t attract greasy smudges, and takes quite a beating without breaking.

The sides of the screen;  up, down, left, and right, are all pressable.  When pressed, it creates an indentation in that particular direction, and gives a nice tactile feedback when pressed.  On the right side of the unit are the power on/off button and the Smart Key (configurable to go to the home menu, change orientation of the screen, play/pause song, shuffle the playlist, and start/stop recording.)

On top you will find the volume and down buttons, and an opening where the mic is located.  On the left side is just the headphone jack.  The bottom of the unit has the lock switch that’ll prevent any accidental button presses.  Also there’s the port where you plug in the USB cord to charge/sync, and a tiny little opening where you use a safety pin or such tool to reset the device (for emergencies.)


Music sounds excellent, which, of course, largely depends on what bitrate they were encoded at and put on the Clix.  However I’m hearing that using the .ogg format drains the battery more as it uses more processing power compared to the other formats.  In any case, it sounds real good on the Clix, and compares to the iPod (of which I’ve owned three) in the quality department.

When playing back songs, you’ll be presented with a screen that shows the album’s art on the left (if there is one), and on the right is the song’s name, track’s length and position, rating (if there is one), artist’s name and year, and then the album’s name.  Dimly below it it will tell you what artist/song is next.

However, no matter how great the audio quality is, you still need good headphones to enjoy the quality, and a headphone amplifier to power them as no mp3 player has the power to drive a pair of good headphones.

The bundled headphones are decent for average quality, but if you pair it with good headphones/earphones like the Shure E4 series, you need an amp to power them so they’d reach their full capabilities.  As a general rule, any headphone/earphone under 20 ohms can be driven by most portable devices and don’t need an amplifier.

A decent headphone amp goes a long way, however, and a good one may set you back some in the funds department, but the audio quality will soar.  So keep that in mind when you want superb audio quality with your MP3 player.

You can choose from select from 13 preset equalizer settings, or set your own on a 5-band equalizer graphic.  On top of that there’s the included SRS WOW settings you can choose from, one of which allows you to dramatically increase the bass response in songs.  Keep in mind, however, that using these will use up more of the battery power, thus effectively lowering the total life in a single charge (probably an hour at worst case.)


To play video on the Clix, you must convert it to the .avi format, and use a lower bitrate and framerate that the device can handle.  To accomplish this, you can download the free iRiverter application, which handily does the job for you.  It’s a tiny bit of a hassle, but once you’ve seen a movie or music video on the Clix, it’s well worth it.  Even though it’s a 2.2″ screen (which is quite large for a MP3 player) videos look good and doesn’t have any stutter or artifacts to speak of.  I was able to take my Mallrats DVD and put the whole thing on the Clix, and watching it was an enjoyable experience.  Amazingly enough, it didn’t take long to load the video, which is nice and unexpected.


You can view a picture individually, or you can watch a series of them in a slideshow.  You can put photos in different folders and use them as categories.  For example, all the photographs of flowers I’ve taken have their own Flowers folder, and when I want to show off to my family, I just play a slideshow of the Flowers folder.  Or you can just set up playlists, which allows you to mix and match as you please. Any photo can also be used as your wallpaper which shows in the background of every screen you navigate to. Although, personally, I prefer to use a plain black background for optimal viewing and less distraction.


Playing games on the Clix is a mixed bag.  Some games are fun, while others are quite boring and takes up space, and some are a mix of both but aren’t too enjoyable because there’s too much lag.  I’ve heard that the U10, which is the predecessor to the Clix, handles games much better.  The Clix can only play Flash Lite games, which are games in Flash optimized for mobile devices that likely don’t have enough processing power to play regular Flash games.  I don’t see myself using this feature much on the Clix, but it is a nice alternative if I ever do need to waste some time, perfect for those long waits at the doctor’s office.

FM Radio

I was actually surprised at the reception this little thing has on most of the FM radio stations in the Tampa Bay area.  I was able to pick up 8 out of 10 radio stations I like, which is more than I expected.  Usually with something this tiny, you won’t find it’ll have such a good reception in most cases, but as I said, the Clix elicited no such problem.

You can set up to 20 preset stations, which are listed by numbers (rather than letting you name each preset.)  You can autoscan for radio stations, and it works quite well at discovering those with good reception.

Recording radio stations won’t really impress you so much, unfortunately.  It records at a measly 32kbps, and in the uncompressed .wav format.  I take this to mean that the Clix doesn’t have the processing power to record at a higher quality bitrate, and judging by how it handles some Flash Lite games, I’d say that’s exactly the case.  For spoken radio stations, 32kbps is fine, but for music playback not so great.

Correction: Recording quality can be set to Low, Medium, and High, which translates to 64kbps, 128kbps, and 256kbps respectively. Contrary to what I had wrote originally, this is fabulous. 64kbps is perfect for talk radio, and 128kbps/256kbps are both just fine for music. Of course, the higher the quality, the more space it will take up on your Clix.

User Interface

As I had mentioned before, the Clix features a clean face, instead using the edge of the screen as buttons.  The menu system when you turn the Clix on is very simple, broken down into these selection choices, and sub-choices:

  1. Extras (Recordings, Alarm Clock, Flash Games, Text, Browse Device)
  2. FM Radio
  3. Now Playing
  4. Music (Play All, Playlists, Artists, Songs, Albums, Genres, Now Playing)
  5. Pictures
  6. Videos
  7. Settings (Date & Time, Sounds, Display, Smart Key, Timer, Advanced, About)

In fact, using the Clix’s menu system, it resembles a stripped-down version of Microsoft’s Media Center series of operating systems.

Here’s a short video I recorded showing me navigating and selecting a video, and then a song. Note: I used my digital camera, it’s not a dedicated camcorder device. So the video and audio quality is severely limited and doesn’t accurately show the brightness and clarity of the screen, nor show off how good the music sound. Consider this when watching this video:

The most important criteria of any MP3 player on the market today is how usable and accessible it is.  The interface must be intuitive.  It can have all the features in the world, but if it’s frustrating to use and takes too much time, people won’t like it.  The primary reason why the iPod has become so successful is because the scrollwheel has made it insanely easy to browse your music collection, play the songs you want, and so on.

Using the edge of the screen to navigate between these menu choices is a breeze.  Even though it doesn’t scroll through long lists as handily as the iPod’s scrollwheel, it is better than a lot of other competing MP3 players.  Everywhere you go on the screen, you’ll see tiny arrows at each side of the screen that lets you know where your options lie in respect to the direction of the screen you can press.

On every screen, are a series of information.  Top left is the clock that tells you the current time, top right is the sound EQ setting, and a battery indicator.  Bottom left is the company’s name, iriver, which is utterly useless and unnecessary.

Adding Files to the Clix

Since the Clix is at the mercy of Microsoft’s Windows Media Player software, so this is really an evaluation of that software rather than the Clix’s capabilities.

Windows Media Player 11, as I had mentioned previously, is still in an early beta stage, and has a lot of bugs as a result.  The interface itself I find rather clumsy and difficult to use, however syncing and adding music to the Clix is quite easy.  There’s an indicator that lets you know how much space you have filled up, and how much will be taken up when you go to add songs to the sync queu.

It would’ve been nice to just drag and drop your music files via Windows Explorer, instead of being forced to use the built-in capabilities of Windows Media Player 11.  This would’ve made it much easier for power-users like me who want more control over my MP3 player.

Sometimes, seemingly at random, my computer doesn’t recognize the Clix when it is plugged in. Scanning around online, it looks like other Clix owners have the same problem, so it isn’t just the way my computer is set up. This is one of the major aggravating problem with the Clix at this time.

You can manually add video, pictures, Flash games, text files, and playlist files to the Clix via Windows Explorer, but I ran into some problems importing music files onto the Clix.  Adding ogg vorbis encoded songs froze up the unit, forcing me to use the pinhole reset button.  Adding MP3 files doesn’t show the album art, even if it is embedded into the song itself.  Instead, the Clix has to have the album art converted into an .alb file and put into the Albums folder.


While there are some annoying niggles, it is easily overlooked by all the positive aspects of the player.  It really handles music, video, pictures, and some games quite well.  I have listened to the radio more in a few days than I have in a few years, thanks to the ease of use and reception of the Clix.

It doesn’t skip, which makes it perfect for strenous exercise, and it looks good, which makes it perfect for showing off to friends.  It is easy to use, and packed with features.  If it had more options other than forcing you to use Microsoft’s Media Player software and operating system, and used a non-propriety USB cable, it would’ve been closer to perfection.

All in all, I’m quite happy with my iRiver Clix MP3 player, and it seems to me iRiver’s good reputation is well deserved in the MP3 player industry.


  • Tiny profile
  • Intuitive to use
  • Great music playback
  • Great video playback
  • Great picture playback
  • Great FM radio reception
  • Protective carrying case included


  • Froze up when importing Ogg songs manually
  • Randomly doesn’t recognize Clix when plugged in
  • Greasy fingerprints on screen
  • Have to convert videos before transferring to the device
  • Restrictive requirements to use
  • Requires both hands to navigate around (one handed browsing is possible but may take practice)
  • propriety USB cable

Are you still carrying around a CD player?  Update your technology with the latest mp3 player.  You can listen to free music online even when you’re not in front of your computer.  So throw away those old music cd’s and get music all the time.

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  1. Just a note: the Clix’s storage is flash-based.

  2. CLix mad

    Very nice review. Are you sure radio recording is only .wav 32Kbs? I seem to have seen 3 options on mine – low, med and high, like in the voice recording..

  3. You’re right; either the new firmware fixed this, or the media player I was using previously reported the bitrate incorrectly. In either case, I’ve updated the review to reflect the correction to the recording quality on the Clix.

  4. Nick

    I know the clix fits comfortably in one’s pocket, but what about the screen? Does it scratch very easily?

  5. The screen is excellent, mine is still in scratch-less condition even after some abuse from runs and while cooking in the kitchen. It smudges easily, but not as easily scratched as the iPods.

  6. Nick

    I’m a stickler for keeping the screens of my devices in the best shape possible. With that in mind, would you be able to suggest any durable cases or films (I hear these are difficult to apply)? 2GB seems like enough, but if I wanted every song recorded with the best quality in sound would I be severely limited on space? If yes, then I’ll just wait impatiently for a 4GB version.

  7. A 4GB Clix should be coming out sometimes around the end of this month. Rumors of a pricetag at $250.

    As for a protective case, there’s this one at MisticAudio.

  8. Nick

    Oh, one more question. Is there anything I need to know about the battery? Does iRiver America offer a battery replacement service?

  9. Ayyad

    Hi I am planning to buy this but i am just completely clueless when it comes to converting… is it hard or easy to convert files? Is it free? How many minutes of video can this hold? thanks for the answers in advanced!!

  10. Nick: Battery is internal and doesn’t look to be the remove-and-replace type. You’d more than likely would have to go to iRiver and have them replace it.

    Ayyad: You can use dbPowerAmp to convert music, which is free and fairly easy to use. You can convert into any format, but the Clix only supports mp3, ogg, and wma. Additionally, you can purchase the full version of MediaMonkey which converts for you on-the-fly when you sync your Clix.

  11. Nick

    How much of a difference in sound quality is there between 128kbps and 320kbps? In the video what bitrate were the songs encoded? I apologize for my ignorance, but I am still undecided on the clix.

  12. There’s no way to say if you can tell the difference between 128kbps and 320kbps. Some people can’t stand anything lower than 192kbps, while others think 96kbps sounds the same as 320kbps. You’ll have to download or rip your own mp3’s and do a listening test. I can notice a difference, personally, but it’s not a big issue for me. As a general rule, I avoid anything lower than 192kbps.

    For the video, bitrate is at 384kbps, and for audio around 64kbps. There’s not much horsepower for mp3 players these days, so that’s why videos on the Clix have 15fps and a lower bitrate for video and audio. For the tiny screen, though, it’s just fine and nothing to sneeze at.

  13. Nick

    Thank you for your time and patience. I really appreciate it.

  14. Ayyad

    Thank you for answering my question. I found a converter made especially for the iriver its called an iriverter (search it on google) very simple to convert flash video files! (just so you wanna know.) Thank you again. I cant wait for my clix!

  15. Ayyad

    i got my iriver yay!! it could hold lots of songs, more than i tought!

  16. pen

    how is the recording quality? (not for FM radio)

  17. shaun

    i have had da clix for a few weeks now and i would say 2 any 1 looking 2 get a new mp3/mp4 player da clix is deffintly da way 2 go

  18. I just ordered the iRiver Clix 2GB player from Amazon. When I received it and opened the package and lifted the player out I noticed the screen was lose and jostled!??? Then I noticed the interior cardboard surrounding the player, to protect it I presume, was mashed on one side. I assumed the box was dropped. I’m in the process of returning it to Amazon for a refund instead of a replacement because it made me wonder how durable the Clix really is. I mean if it can’t take a drop surrounding by all the double packaging what’s going to happen when I accidentally drop it like I’ve dropped my cell phone a million times? Anybody else have a similar experience? Because I’d like to get the new 4GB version but am wary now.

  19. lsp

    Hi LoFo,
    I thought it was just me. I also bought the clix from Amazon and the white box that the player comes in was also dented on one corner. I really thought nothing of it, but I also noticed that the screen was loose and rattled when you shake the player. I also noticed that the down click it not as responsive as the other three. I have been searching to see if I am just making up a problem or if the player is supposed to be like this. I would like to know how other peoples players are. Does the screen shake? Please respond, I guess I should return mine as well.

  20. Isp, I bought mine from a Best Buy so it was intact when i bought it, however the screen did shake! Was probably the first thing i noticed about it.

    I am havin an issue with mine at the moment, any time i try to upload music onto it, it freezes up and i have to reset it with the reset button on the bottom of it. Does anyone know how to fix this problem or maybe a way to just reset it to factory conditions?

  21. Kevin: Are you using Windows Media Player to upload the music, and if so, what version?

  22. Rachel

    I just got the Clix a few days ago. And it is the absolute greatest thing invented.
    The only problem I had was with service pack 2, if you don’t have it then your computer will not recognize it. But after I had wmp10 and my service pack it works like a dream.
    This is a great piece of material.
    Whats great is the recording quality. Fm recording.

  23. Ben

    I just got the clix 2 days ago, christmas day. But My computer won’t even recognize that the clix is plugged in… or it will but it will show that i need to download the drivers but there are no drivers. When i try to do the firmware, the firmware wants me to plug in the clix when it is already plugged in… HELP!

  24. Ben: Without knowing what operating system you’re using, and what you have installed, all I can say is make sure you have the latest version of Windows Media Player 11 installed, and Service Pack 2 if you’re using Windows XP. Both can be downloaded and installed at Windows Update.

  25. Ben

    Matt: I am using windows xp, i have both windows media player 11 installed and service pack 2. It still refuses to admit that the iriver is plugged in. It does however show the iriver as a device plugged in but with the yellow exclamation mark.

  26. ZACH

    i just got the clix and works like a charm the only thing i have a problem with is the video i can upload the videos i downloaded from the internet and run it through iriverter to compact it down but it has a dvd option and i just cant figure out how to put full length dvds on my clix please help me

  27. Ben: Only thing I can think of is to uninstall it in Device Manager, reboot, then replug the Clix in and see if it goes through this time.

    ZACH: You have to decrypt the DVD and copy the content to your hard drive. You can use DVD Decrypter for this.

  28. Anyone else having a problem with the screen being loose??? Mine feels like it is going to drop off if held upside down. I, mean, man this is a serious quality control issue. I can find nothing about this on the iriver website, and they have not responded to my inquiry. Any feedback on this???

  29. Ben

    Matt: Thank you so much for your help, it is often in times of dire need that we tend to overlook simple sollutions, and overlook the number one rule in computers or anything else you do: KISS Keep It Simple Stupid. As it turns out, I was running off of an outdated version of USB, Instead of using USB 2.0 I belive that the ports I was using were USB 1.6, so by simply changing out computers, and using a newer laptop I was able to download directly. I don’t know what type of music service you guys use, but I went through Rhapsody, Yahoo!Unlimited, and am finally at Napster which by far works the best, the only thing I find that you have to do, is to add the songs to your library then drag them from you library to the device, this is for a faster download time, which happens to be crazy fast, 30 seconds or less for most. But if you don’t add them to you library and just drag directly to you Iriver, it takes much much more longer, and I’m positive this isn’t a factor of Iriver, but a factor of Napster. Either way napster has proven itself the best.

    SP: The Customer service for Iriver has to be the biggest Con of the whole pack, when I was having trouble with mine, I called and got the same recording over and over, and the Iriver HelpBot is next to useless, your best bet is to send them an email at That is the only area I got a response in.

    As a side note to all of you, I down loaded the games that were offered on the iriver website, and the website that is given on some of the games, but do any of you have any site suggestions?

  30. Ben

    Also Perhaps another con is the fact that you can’t listen to your music while playing games. :*(

  31. Ben: Glad to hear you got your problem sorted out. Personally I don’t have any games on mine, as I don’t find any of them fun; the control scheme of the Clix isn’t intuitive for most games. You may like Jump, so give it a shot. Another is Tyrian Lite, which is a side-scroller shooter based on Tyrian 2000 (one of the best old school PC arcade shooters).

  32. Ben

    I find the games entertaing because at my job their is periods of time where there is absolutly nothing to do. But to sit and wait for the phone to ring or a customer to walk in. And a person can only surf the internet so many times, and since it’s a government job, that also blocks many sites =(.

  33. Ben

    SP: Hey, since I have an active email conservation with Iriver support I asked the gal i’m talking to about your problem she said that it is not a common problem but given that you just got it, to somehow get ahold of them, most likely through email since it is the holidays the phonelines she said are in high use. And they’d help you out and most likely replace/fix.

  34. lsp

    Thanks Ben and everyone who has responded to the issue of the loose screen. I did send an email to iriver customer support and just got a response today. Here is what they said:

    “iriver America Response: (12/28/2006 10:36)
    Hello Customer,
    Ok the new 4GB and newer 2gb players have a looser screen.It will not affect functionality.If it does rememeber you have a one year warranty and you can let us know.
    Best regards,
    Melissa M. ”

    This is not at all what they told Ben. They probably have no idea. But, today I received a replacement from Amazon for the first clix (which I still have, waiting to return) and believe-it-or-not, the replacement player also has a loose screen. I guess this is how they are making them—I think a design or manufacturing flaw which proved too late for them to fix, and which hastened their removal from Best Buy and J&R Music (due to heavy returns)- I may have to try and mod to my taste. My next problem, which one do I keep the first or replacement. Cheers

  35. Ben

    True to that. That is interesting, even more interesting is that MY customer service rep was Melissa M., it makes you wonder.

  36. can anyone give me the link please to the iriverter i carnt find it anywhere???????

  37. mike

    any ideason when the 4gb will come out..?If to long im going to go ahead and get the 2gb…thanks

  38. What’s up everyone,
    I just got the Iriver Clix 4G Black this thing is amazing. I down loaded songs, video’s and movies in a matter of minutes. The play back is crystal clear. I had the 2G but the 4G is much easier to use when it comes to getting movies, video’s and games on it. It works perfectly with windows media player 11. The screen is not loose at all and is pretty tight on mine.

    The Iriver Clix 4G is the best MP3 player out. You must grab one. will have more on Jan. 20th as everyone is sold out of them.

  39. jillian

    How many songs does this 2gb model hold? 4gb?

  40. jillian

    How many songs (approx.) does this 2gb model hold? How about the 4gb?

  41. Sup y’all
    Had to return my samsung yp-t9 cause it’s bugged, but now am looking into the clix.
    Looks like what i was looking for.
    But I feel uneasy with the loose screen thing going on here,
    Does it acyually affect the use of the player at all?
    Is battery replaceable?(i saw a picture of the cover off and battery removed, as if easily)
    iRiver America cool with us, or are they bad customer service?
    thanks in advance.

  42. The screen is supposed to be some what loose as the player is a touch screen control to rewind/fast forward/stop and to pause a song and to navigate threw the device.They do sell a replacement battery and a wall charger on I’ve always had great customer service with Iriver until around the holidays when i just could not get anyone on the phone for the whole month of Dec. :( I did send them an e mail and they called me but until then never had an issue with there support. The 4G Black Clix is the way to go $199.99/ is sold out and so is but they said they will have move on Jan.20th.


  43. Ben

    Can anyone here tell me is it possible to put a whole movie on the clix?

  44. Beemer

    Ok it has been only a few months since i have bough my clix and i am having a major prob. The buttons are not performing the actions i want them to. So if i press right it starts recording or if i press the it plays music. HELP!

  45. Cam

    Matt: i was wondering, is there a program to convert pictures to album art? thanks, Cam

  46. Cam: I believe if you paste the picture into the album’s art area in Windows Media Player 11 (right-click on the album art placeholder), you will be able to do this.

    If you mean using a different program, I have tried to do this and failed. The iRiver Clix is very picky about how it interacts with your computer, it seems iRiver made a deal with Microsoft to help promote WMP11 more than anything else.

    Hope this helps.

  47. Lili

    Does anyone have any advice on how to get in contact with iRiver tech support via e-mail or phone? I have a 2gb iRiverClix that went haywire a couple of months ago. It still plays some basic songs but I can’t record new albums without recording over others, nor can I erase songs that just won’t play on the device even when songs are successfully erased from my Windows Media player–it doesn’t seem to connect properly with my computer. The device is on warranty but, like many others, I’ve sent Iriver support e-mails and get an automated reply with a case number but no one ever contacts me, and their help line is apparently unmanned and a con. I’ve placed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and would definitely never buy an IRiver product again. Suggestions welcome.

  48. Steve

    Is there anyway to connect to the Clix 2GB if I’m running Windows 2000?

  49. Maree

    The clix is great and i don’t THINK i have one with a loose screen but the clicking function is so sensitive that it moves tracks really easily. To easily really. Lke when its in my pants pocket and I’m walking up the stairs. Or even holding it on the bus. Its a pain to have to keep locking the screen for every track. Any suggestions about courcing maybe a hard shell carry case or any other way of dealing with (apart from ‘don’t touch it when its on’!)

  50. This one makes sence “One’s first step in wisdom is to kuesstion everything – and one’s last is to come to terms with everything.”

  51. Jacqueline

    I got my Clix as a birthday in November last year. Overall, I love it. Back then, I was hoping for an iPod and knowing that the company was iRiver, people often said that it was an iPod imitation.

    Now, I’m enthralled with it and I’m really happy that my brother chose this over the iPod. First of all, it’s really unique and looks nothing like the iPod, which is a major trend amongst my friends. I love the fact that the screen is big and that it displays bright colors.

    There were a few setbacks with me, but the problems apply to basically every MP3 player out there. The earphones weren’t too great, as they pretty much broke and annoy the heck out of me. Even so, the music still sounds great with my cheap new earphones. The screen gets greasy, but one quick swipe of my shirt pretty much fixes the problem (for that moment).

    I had actually never known that you can put in your own fonts and stuff, so I’ll try that later on.

    Overall, great product. Left me really satisfied with it.

  52. Raul

    where I can get a Battery?

  53. Jim

    how do i put pictures on mine?

  54. Ben

    I’ve been a religious Napster user, but all of a sudden my napster account seems to have dropped Iriver Clix from it’s compatible list.

  55. Does anyone have any advice on how to get in contact with iRiver tech support via e-mail or phone? I have a 2gb iRiverClix that went haywire a couple of months ago. It still plays some basic songs but I can’t record new albums without recording over others, nor can I erase songs that just won’t play on the device even when songs are successfully erased from my Windows Media player–it doesn’t seem to connect properly with my computer. The device is on warranty but, like many others, I’ve sent Iriver support e-mails and get an automated reply with a case number but no one ever contacts me, and their help line is apparently unmanned and a con. I’ve placed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and would definitely never buy an IRiver product again. Suggestions welcome

  56. -shoots himself- I am the same Ben from up above… months later and many problems later but i’m still here… but now I have a bigger problem… my computer no longer picks up my iriver at all except in devide manager, firmware updater has nothing, and I dcan’t update drivers or install because of an INF error, i’ve literally done everything I can think of. any ideas? please?

  57. -shoots himself- I am the same Ben from up above… months later and many problems later but i’m still here… but now I have a bigger problem… my computer no longer picks up my iriver at all except in devide manager, firmware updater has nothing, and I dcan’t update drivers or install because of an INF error, i’ve literally done everything I can think of. any ideas? please?

  58. Andrew

    i have only had the iriver for a few weeks now it dose not turn on any more and dose not do any thing when it’s plug into my computer. i have tried all most every thing i can think of nothing seems to work any help?

  59. tach

    how do you download songs-mp3- to iriver clix

  60. chrisha

    my irivier clix 2gb is great i love it but i seem to be having problems with it freezing up i need help figuring it out please help thanx

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