Blingo Search Updates Look

I’ve been using Blingo for over a year now, and have won 3 movie tickets, an iTunes Music Store gift certificate, and a $25 Visa gift certificate.  Which is nice, since it’s like Google, but you can win prizes just for using it.  All you do is search normally, and if you win, you win!  There’s really no catch at all, whatsoever.  Every prize I won, all I did was fill in my name, address to send the prize to, and that’s it.

Well now Blingo has updated their look, with a slick new feel and bright colors.  To celebrate, they’re giving away some serious prizes.  If I win the 2006 Ford Mustang (or $20,000, your choice) they’re giving away now, I’d probably not be able to enjoy it as I’d just keel over with a heart attack at the ripe old age of 27 years.  They also have $5,000 in cash to give away, a 42-inch plasma television (or $2,500), $1000 in cash, $50 Amazon gift certificate, and more.

There’s really no other reason to use any other search engine.


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  1. ralph koepsel

    How do you remove searches from the Blingo search bar??? I can remove Blingo…but how do I remove a few of
    the searches??? When you type a letter…all searches with that letter appears. How do I delete a few of them???

  2. If you’re using Firefox, just highlight any of the search entries that comes up when you type a letter and press the Delete key on your keyboard. For Internet Explorer, the same method may work, but I couldn’t say for sure.

  3. erma brown

    how do you know when you win or not. i do not know how to use the website. thx. erma

  4. You’ll be taken to a page notifying you that you’ve won. You can’t miss it.

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