Tunes Page Updated – 2,747 Mashups

Update: There are now 2,748 songs. As a thank you reward for a donation to help with bandwidth from sharing the whole collection, you get access to all of the songs, which totals 18GB. See the Tunes page for more details.

I’ve updated the Tunes page with a slew of mashups to listen to, and download.  It spans 7 volumes, and totals 2,747 tunes to listen to.  I’ve also updated the player with a whole new look, to make it easier to use and view each song.  Finally, there’s a handy FAQ below the player addressing the most common questions I’ve received since putting these tunes up.  Enjoy!

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  1. pjwho

    I’m having major issues downloading – all I get is the quicktime and the song plays. Any help? Thanks

  2. pjwho: You’ll have to disable Quicktime from handling mp3 files. To do this, go to Control Panel>Quicktime and click on the File Types tab. Uncheck where it says “MP3 – MPEG layer III movies and streams” and then click on OK. Now you can download to your heart’s content.

  3. tom

    wen will u be updating it with new releases

  4. RobIII

    Nice, but all the zips I download (and I’ve tried it twice for each zip) seem to be broken?

  5. RobIII: Drat, it looks like WinRAR doesn’t like zipping files up. I’m looking to reupload but this time in RAR, and I’ll tell them first. My router is giving me fits though, constantly shutting down, so no idea how fast I can get these up. May have to get a new router soon.

  6. RobIII: I just downloaded Volume 1 and unzipped it just fine. Nothing was wrong with it. Is there a specific Volume you had problems with? Also, what program did you use to unzip it with?

  7. RobIII

    I downloaded all zips with Flashget (so they could be ‘resumed’). This seemed to be the problem; I tried again with FireFox’ download manager and Volume 1 now seems to extract fine.

    I extracted with Winzip 10.0 (6698), retried with WinRar (3.30) and also tried some repair utils; none of these worked on all volumes (no exceptions).

    But, as mentioned, the problem seems to lie in FlashGet (which never had any problems before) and volume 1 is now downloaded fine. I’m now starting the download of Vol. 2 and 2b and I’ll keep you posted.

    Great work by the way ;-)

  8. RobIII

    Drat, now MediaFire seems not to like me anymore :-)

    The pages say:
    “NOTICE: No servers are currently available with the requested data on them. Please retry your request in a moment.” in a javascript alert.

    I’ll take their advice and will re-try in a few moment ;-)

  9. RobIII

    Vol. 3 now downloading. Might take a while :P

  10. sol

    vol 2 is down rest working great ty again

  11. sol

    matt ty 4 awsome post can u reupload vol 2
    not working ,,,say cant be found on sever.
    do u have any idea when the other vols are comeing out
    how long did it take u 2 collect all thous.ty again

  12. sol: Try again. Seems MediaFire was under maintenance recently. I just uploaded Volume 4, and working on getting the others up.

  13. sol

    matt just got back from work.what i nice
    suprise 2 see vol 4 waiting 4 me.
    thank you 4 yor time and hard

    ps thanks 2 matt an Kanyes workout tape i rule the party

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyou rock MATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. ANDIEP

    Thank 4 the music. I don’t know what happened when I tried to download songs though. I disabled quicktime, and still nothing?

  15. sol

    matt stop bye im pick up vol 5
    ty again. Hope your haveing
    a good week. Do do any mash ups
    are u just a fan ?

  16. sol

    sorry for typeo 2 many yager bombs lol

  17. Shark

    Hey Matt,

    rockin player – lots of fun listening to all the mashups. Unfortunately I’m having problems downloading too.

    Doesn’t seem to be quicktime related, I get the “No page to display” msg?

    Any help appreciated. Sorry if I’m being dense.

  18. Shark

    tried Firefox instead & that worked.


  19. Yep, looks like the Unlimited part of MediaFire is true insofar as their service isn’t disrupted (in this case, they couldn’t meet the demands of these downloads so they removed the volumes.)

    Sorry everyone, it takes me a long time to upload these, and I don’t think any service can handle the demand, so I won’t be uploading the complete volumes anymore.

  20. RobIII

    I could host them for you if you want me to. Just contact me.

  21. Creeperpcs

    i would like 2 get them sounds all, so whats the chance 2 get them all without searching 2 much???
    Thx for a re

  22. Maurits

    Did anyone thought of torrents? So we are all uploading them?

    Thanks anyway for the parts you’d uploaded already!

  23. I won’t be uploading the volumes anymore (as stated above.) The reason is because my router flakes out and resets when uploading for a long period, which is aggravating to me and my roommate who is on my wireless router, too. I’m looking to replace the router, but until then, I won’t be doing anymore uploading of mashups.

  24. AstroCry


    Please make one big torrent for all the libraries combined. Then set your torrent program at a low data rate and let it run. In a few days enough of us will have it to let you stop hosting all together.


  25. sol

    yes please torrent ,thank for your share matt
    still need 2 ,5,6,7 but very greatfull for what i
    got. hope we get torrent up soon.So i can bring
    on my road trip with me

    ps again you rock matt

  26. Oll1

    Can you pls give me the path to the files? that i can easily download them.

    nice work

  27. I have all the other zips except 2, 5b, 6, & 7 hosted on my web hosting account.

    I am willing to trade them for the zips I’m missing…

  28. Hi everybody, I have Vol. 1 (complete), Vol. 2b, Vol. 3 (complete) and Vol. 4 (complete) on my webspace. Will trade against Vol. 2, Vol. 5, Vol. 6… Pls contact. Flo

  29. TurricaN

    Baaah damn,

    I wanted to start downloading today. Too bad.
    Please make a Torrent out of your stuff, I can host the stuff on my server.

  30. Maurits

    I have 1, 2b, 3, 3b, 4, 4b and 5, try to upload them as torrent, but it wont be fast because i’m with 10people on 1 connection…

  31. Van

    Damn… Hopefully we can get a torrent rolling. I really wanted to get these. Got stopped at 67% cuz of mediafire taking em down.

  32. I´ve made torrents, mail me if you are interested in it…


    Good luck you all!

  34. Van

    w00t thanks man… guys don’t forget to seed!

  35. sol

    thank i help seed. mr matt can you help
    us with 6 and 7 there were never up
    thanks 4 every 1 help, mash ups rule

    ps let all make 1 big list of all mash up urls

  36. sol

    ps i got vol 2 was up short time need vol 6, 7
    been try 2 down load song by the self only got 2 30 songs through vol 6,hope matt can torrent these 2

  37. TurricaN

    Great work with the torrents.
    You guys really rock.
    Love ya!

  38. TurricaN

    I will seed with a dedicated server. Just need the stuff. :)

  39. If i get the volumes in full, i will upload them to :)
    but it’s gonna take a while with the torrents :p

  40. Trikke: Once you’ve got the full volumes, all you have to do is keep seeding, rather than reuploading to — not to mention RapidShare only allows up to 100MB, you’d have to split each volume into 20 files, and provide 20 links to download them.

    The more seeders for each volume, the faster the download is for everyone.

  41. offcourse i’ll keep seeding ;)
    But i can guess there will still be people who would rather download 20 files at 600kb/s or more (free users have a timelimit i know, but its neglectable) then torrent this stuff for the next couple of weeks.

  42. belemoih

    Finished dl all song at Tunes. Thanks for the file :)

  43. Extremly cool stuff !!!

    I’ve originally googeled for an Energy Mastermix download and finally found this mashup collection 8)

    I’ve immediately added your site to my favourites and hope to get soon more songs (although it will take 10.000 minutes to listen to all available mashups) ;-)

  44. Thanks for the EXCELLENT selection of tunes. I’m really into covers and mash-ups and my jaw dropped when I saw you had 2700 mashups, and they were all downloadable! Woo!

  45. Robert

    Hey, can someone please seed?

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