Mashup Torrents Available

Due to popular demand, I’ve made available torrents for each volume of mashups on the Tunes page. I am uploading this from my own connection, and I can upload up to 245kB/sec, so it may take a little while for more seeders other than me to happen and the speed to increase. Enjoy!

Update: Due to too many leechers and no seeders, I’ve stopped providing these torrents. I gave the torrents to others, and they had the same problem — too many hit-and-runners. Sharing 18GB worth of mashups just wasn’t working with people not willing to share after downloading a volume, or all seven. If you’d still like to download all the mashups, head on over to the Mashups page.

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  1. I just like to thank you sooo much! I love you, I just didn’t find the time to search Gybo and these blogs as long and downloading from the flash kept me doing so long. This will help me so thank for your collection…

    Thanks again and keep on working this is Great!

    So Long,

  2. I’ve been online with the torrentstuff for the past few days and i’ve only managed to get 2% of one volume and i’ve done more seeding already then downloading. People do indeed tend to just download and get the hell out.

  3. Anselm: Glad you enjoy them. :)

    Trikke: I anticipated this being a problem, with no ratio rules, there’s going to be leechers. That’s just the nature of the beast with torrenting large files.

    I’ve uploaded over 30GB already as you can see from this screenshot.

  4. Is there really no other option than torrents? I’d be glad to help in any way to help users form downloading for the next 30 days on one album :)

  5. Sure, there’s a better option, but it requires a ton of money to pay for the bandwidth. Bandwidth isn’t free. For large files, torrents are popular for a reason, because noone has to pay for the bandwidth (other than your monthly cable/dsl bill.)

    MediaFire was the best alternative, but when they got hit with so much bandwidth due to the demands of these mashups, they took down the files because they couldn’t handle it. Unlimited only works as long as their service isn’t affected.

    So no, there’s really no better option than torrents at this point.

  6. sol

    thanks matt download will seed when done
    again thank 4 your work.also can you make a list
    of alll the mash up site you go 2 want 2 see if im missing any

  7. hai guys, also tryin to download the mashups by torrent. I allreaydy downloaded volume 1 and 3 and cant wait to have the rest by torrent.

    and offcourse i will keep my torrents shared ;)

  8. sol

    Please dont download and run……………
    seed seed seed In seeding vol 7 wait 4
    vol six 2 finish but is takeing long time
    because all u wus take and run,Please
    seed so matt can take break

  9. sol

    if we get up 2 8 seeders each 4 vol 6 ,and 7 i will
    max out upload 200k !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank matt

  10. Van

    Still trying to get volume one, but I only ever see one person seeding. Everyone else I see seems to be stuck at 51% along with me.

  11. TurricaN

    Seeding Vol. 1 again. :)

  12. Well I only load when I’m online and at this moment I cannot get any Tracker, am I the only one?

    @Trikke: Perhaps you’d like to set up any Webserver with Webseed ( it isn’t really difficult and some hosters offer a flatrate for servers… You also might set up a dump and refer to Shareaza ( which offers a method of including more sources of different types (in this case http->bt!) till this is only working for non-directory-torrents you’d have to choose the first. You also might give some limits if you don’t have the luck of a flatrate server !

  13. Hello! Where are the torrent links… please leave some torrent links or sites i really love mashups but can’t seem to find… i was hoping to find some here… please send me an email at

  14. Skirtle

    Was wondering the same thing as poster above…^^^ I know they were taken down but is there ANY way I can get a hold of the volumes I didn’t dl(4-7)? It doesn’t hurt to ask haha…..

    Thanks so much for putting these up in the first place, they’re absolutely golden!


  15. i am also looking for vol. 4-7. i’m still uploading earlier ones via dht. i can upload first thrree to mininova or some public tracker, but someone has to upload the rest as well… if you decide to do so, please let me know: promieniowanie at gmail dot com

  16. Chris

    I’d happily host these on my own site if I could get the volumes. However, a lot of searching has yielded zero results.

  17. the jpr

    shame on me

    but where are the torrent files ???

  18. Robert

    Where can I find these torrents? I thought I’d struck gold until realising I couldn’t actually download the songs… :(

  19. TeMpUs

    Erm…this might sound stupid but where are the torrents?
    Where are they to download?

    I dont see them on the tunes page, i only see the player.

  20. mexican

    yeah where are the torrents?
    send me an email please.. to sinaloabajasur attttttttttttttttttttt

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