Radio 1 Mentions This Site

I’ve been getting a lot of emails from visitors to the site telling me that they heard about this site, thanks to a mention on Colin Murray’s “The Black Hole” show on the BBC’s Radio 1 radio station.  Colin’s show features internet music submitted by listeners, and according to him, this site’s Tunes page was the best submission for the show.

First off, thank you to everyone that has written in with kind words, it is always appreciated.  Secondly, I can’t describe how great to hear that my puny, little blog got mentioned on such a large radio station.  It made the effort of putting all the songs up, getting the player together, and answering a ton of questions well worth it.

After perusing Colin Murray’s page, I found where he mentioned this site on the air,  and you can hear a clip of it below:

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  1. Lupee

    WOW!! Goodblimey is famous over here in England!! I am really pleased for you – all your hard work is recognised and totally appreciated on a UK National radio station…. congratulations Matt…..

    You could use that as leverage to make money on advertising…. !!!

  2. ChristinaJane

    Yeah deffo! :)
    Well done!
    Colin’s show was top…
    & that was bcuz of all the things from this site!

    I like like like !:)


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