Visiontek Radeon X1950 Pro AGP Review

I’ve had a difficult time overclocking this card, and keep in mind that I’ve reviewed and overclocked dozens of cards over the years.  While trying to figure out my overclocking woes, I discovered that this card from Visiontek does not include a sensor on the GPU, thus negating the ability to use ATI’s Overdrive feature.

All of this could’ve been avoided if Visiontek got back to me when I directly contacted them and questioned them regarding the sensor, and overclocking ability.  My email was responded to, and then forwarded to someone who could answer my questions, yet it has been four days and I’ve yet to get a response to my questions. I’ve had to resort to feedback in online forums from early adopters of this card.

While the cooling solution is pretty nice, and might even be a bit overkill, there’s really no way to tell if it is necessary.  The heatsink itself is made entirely out of copper, which is considered the best material to use to help dissipate heat away from the hot GPU and memory modules.  It is also quite heavy; this card will be one of the heaviest ones I’ve ever reviewed.

At stock clocks, the card works fine, but there’s really no way to tell what temperature it is running at unless you manually stick a sensor by the GPU to find out.  Unfortunately the fan runs at 100% all the time, whether it is at idle or full load, and it is pretty loud compared to other video cards I’ve tried out.  It’s certainly not super-loud like NVIDIA’s GeForce FX-series of card, but it’s still loud.  Keep in mind that this is just a subjective assessment on my part since I don’t have a decible monitor.

I finally was able to get an overclock going, thanks to the 3rd party program, ATI Tray Tools.  Using this handy utility, I was able to push this Visiontek Radeon X1950 Pro card from the stock speed of 575/1386 (core/memory) to 648/1580.  Stress testing shows that this is the highest stable overclock I managed to achieve. Benchmark results show that the increase in clock speeds give between 4fps to 10fps boost, depending on the game. For example, F.E.A.R. gave me ~4fps. Is it worth the temperature jump? Who knows, since I don’t know how much of a difference it made temperature-wise, so for now I’m not overclocking.

It doesn’t give me much peace of mind when a card that is over 2 years old had a sensor on the GPU, but a much newer, faster card, doesn’t include one.  It seems like Visiontek can’t make up its mind whether they want to appeal to the hardcore gamer crowd — there’s the oversized and heavy copper-based heatsink, but there’s no sensor which subsequently disables ATI’s Overdriver feature within the Catalyst Control Center.  For a gamer, this is lamentable and inexcusable.

For this card, you would have to go with 3rd party overclocking support, and even then you’re taking a chance if you can’t monitor the temperature.  Using any auto-overclock or find maximum clock feature of a 3rd party program will lock up your computer, no matter what. Granted there’s ATI’s VPU Recover feature to keep your video card from burning itself up, but is it enough?

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  1. Barry Jillett

    Would have been nice to see it compared to Nvidia fastest AGP the Gainward 7800gs (7900gt 512mb 24/8 ) as in the forums this seems to be what people want to see is it King of AGP or not…….. also showing it as an upgrade from an old GPU was not that helpfull.

  2. If I had a 7800GS lying around, I would’ve certainly benchmarked it for this review. But if I wasn’t able to upgrade a whole new system for PCI-e, I definitely can’t afford to buy two video cards. I’m just a blogger giving my thoughts on the X1950 Pro, not a dedicated review site.

    However, from what I’ve seen on other sites, the X1950 Pro looks to be king, beating the 7800GS handily in most benchmarks, except in Doom 3-based games.

  3. Could be the 6 pin power adapter inside board packaging replaced by one of my thermaltake 750 watts 6 pin PCI-E conector without fry the board?
    I am afraid that trying improve cable managament finish damaging the new X1950 pro AGP.
    thanks very much
    Angel Gonzalez Costa Rica

  4. Angel: I don’t see why you couldn’t, as the 6-pin connector was made for a PCI-e power connector, even though this is an AGP card. For those who don’t have one, the adapter works fine, too.

  5. nyder

    I used the 6 pin connector from my PS with no problems. I did upgrade my 350W PS to a 600W PS though.

  6. Thanks yet again Matt. My son’s X800XT died on Saturday and having read your review already I went straight out and bought a Sapphire AGP X1950Pro.
    Absolutely everything you said is spot on. I reckon it’s a tad faster than the 7800GS but I haven’t actually benchmarked it.

    It’s an excellent card so thanks again. :)

  7. Gboy

    No faster than a year and half old ATI x850xtpe.
    But it is cheaper and has up to date SM 3.0.

  8. Gboy: Keep in mind the card can go much faster if I were to have a faster CPU. Right now my processor is limiting the performance of the X1950 Pro, which is why the AA/AF results are more indicative of this card’s strengths.

    I’m not certain of the performance of the x850xtpe, but I’m certain the X1950 Pro would outperform it when the CPU isn’t a factor.

  9. robby

    that’s funny horai, my X800XT died last night. Now i’m looking at the 1950s. I preordered a diamond x1950 pro w/512mb from amazon last night.

  10. Robby, I can certainly agree with Matt’s recommendation, the 512Mb version is a hell of a lot faster than my old X850XT and will quite happily play F.E.A.R at 1280 x 1024 on an old P4 2.8Ghz system.

    I’m still very impressed and I hope you enjoy it. :)

  11. Gboy

    If you would of chosen the x850xtpe and not the $50 less x850xt , would of saved $300 today..
    The overclocked x850xtpe runs as good if not better than a x1950pro .. Its the pipes ,16 vs.12
    When you play games ,what most important you??
    Its not the MAX fps,, anything over 30fps (movie speed) is playable.. Its the MIN fps is that counts..low fps makes your game look like a slide show..
    And the better gamer is the one with higher MIN fps..
    So look at the MIN fps , not the MAX fps !!!!
    This info may not be so easy to find in reveiws..
    “Cause you don’t bite the hand that feeds you ” !!

  12. Iron Tiger

    I think you meant to say in the HL2 benchmark notes that the X1950 Pro was run with 6x AA, as ATi cards (outside of Crossfire) don’t support 8x AA. Also, the graph key color doesn’t match the graph.

  13. Man thanks for the review I now am the proud parent of a visiontek x1950 agp it kicks my old radeon x800xl out of the water.

  14. Iron Tiger: Woops, you’re right, not sure how that slipped in there. I’ve corrected the AA. As for the legend color key, that’s my inexperience with spreadsheets showing through. The program was a nightmare for me to crank out graphs.

    TOE-CUZHATE: Glad the review helped out. :)

  15. chan

    i run my visiontek radeon x1950 on430watt power supply,,everything seem to be fine.

  16. jaxstraww

    Like you trying to hold onto a socket 478 system a little longer. Just upgraded the P4 2.6 to a P4 3.0 and now looking to upgrade the 9800PRO 128 to this card.

    If I can run my 9800PRO I’ll assume there should be no issues with the X1950? Correct? Running a 450W OCZ Modstream PS.

  17. jaxstraww: X1950 Pro will require more power than the 9800 Pro but your PSU is a good one, so it should be fine.

  18. arek Berk

    how many 3dmarks 2005 have you got with this
    MD Athlon 64 3000 1.8GHz overclocked to 2.48GHz processor

    many reviews is with p4 3-3.2 gh which is a crap for games and 3dmarks

    I have a64 too and i am very interested if agp xc1950 will rech 8.5-9 3dmarks with 1core a64 2.5 ghz


    Man thank you for the review help me deside from the X1650 and the X1950 im running a 3200 Barton O/C 2gig memorie on a ABIT AT7 MAX2 and want to keep for a long time so now i can so thank you again.


    The card is on its way. :) will post what i think of it .

  21. wells carey

    this card is a monster you mention 9″ in
    length could you come up with the hight
    this might be a snug fit in my case due to
    its design. thanks

  22. Pilgrim

    Anyone have any guesses on how this GPU would perform on an Athlon XP 1900 (don’t laugh – I’ve gamed on this machine for over three years and it still gets by!)? I know that the CPU would be a huge bottleneck to the full performance of this card. BUT I am definitely going to spend up to $250 to hold on to my current system for another 6 months to a year until I build a complete new PCI-e based system.

    And for the people that are going to suggest just spending the money on upgrading instead to a PCI-e motherboard – there is no upgrade solution for under $250 dollars that I have found. As I am looking at having to get a new CPU, RAM, and GPU if I go that route… It is almost impossible to find Athlon CPUs for a reasonable amount as well, closing off another route of upgrading.

    I’m really stuck. Any constructive advice would be greatly appreciated. Just remember, I am only willing to spend ~$250 at most to get a little more life out of my system until I can afford building a completely new system.

  23. Pilgrim

    Forgot to add what else is currently on my machine:

    GeForce 5950fx Ultra
    Twin Raptor in raid 0
    1G 433MHz DDR (PC 3500)
    400w PSU

  24. AGPBoy

    Some benchmarks :

    3DMark2005 – 8836 Catalyst 6.12 CPU Stock 200Mhz
    3DMark2005 – 7745 Catalyst 6.14 CPU Stock 200MHz
    3DMark2005 – 8143 Catalyst 6.14 CPU OC to 220MHz from 200MHz)

    FSx Demo – 12.5FPS Catalyst 6.12
    FSx Demo – 20.1FPS Catalyst 6.14

    These are correct! The cat 6.14 drivers work better for real world performance, but don’t seem to like 3DMark2005 as much. Just goes to show the value of synthetic benchmarks. The 6.14s work far better for FSx.

    My system:

    Athlon64 3000 Newcastle (200FSB x 10. 512 L2) – OC to 220.
    2Gb Kingston ValueRam 333DDR
    WXP SP2
    Gigabyte GA-K8NNXP NForce3 150
    Sapphire X1950Pro 512Mb AGP stock clock

  25. Martin Pieterse

    Im a huge ATI fan and thus i wanna stay ATI. My question to you is whether it is worth for me to upgrade my pc by jus buying a X1950 Pro on agp or should i rather save abit longer and uprade to a whole new PCI-E system?

    My current specs are:
    3400 64 754pin cpu
    Msi k8 motherboard
    1gig of ram
    X850 Pro 256mb agp

  26. StormTrain

    will a 400watt ps be good enough to run the 1950 agp

  27. I’m truly interested to get this card… the real concern being the length of the 1950agp, my current HIS IceQ 800xtpe barely scrape through(touching the ends of my ide cables) in an old thermaltake xaser casing.

    Can any1 out there pls advise whether the 1950 can fit in my casing. cm per cm/ inch per inch, what’s the length of the 800xtpe compared to 1950 agp?

  28. Roger

    I have an HP media center computer and found that the card would not seated because it was too long and hit the motherboard power connector. I had a couple of old supplies around so I took a finishing nail whose diameter matched the width of the graphics card, heated it up on the gas stove with a pair of pliers, and worked it down between the wires on the power connector where the graphics card was hitting. The test worked so I disconnected the power connector from my mother board and clamped it to the tower for a steady fixture. I then heated the nail and carefully worked it back and forth between the wires in the molex connector. It only took about several iterations to get enough material remove (grove depth) for the card to seat. The plastic in the molex connector conformed well and actually built up a nice layer of material between the wires and the groove and none of the wires were damaged. I have been using the computer since with no problems; just be careful, have a good setup, and take your time. Again scrounge up an old supply to practice on it to see if you are up to the challenge.

  29. Justin

    This card kicks my XFX Geforce 6800GT out of the water. Nice upgrade for my origional Dell XPS for which ive had for 4 years now and it still delivers great gaming performance ( P4 HT 3.0 GHZ, 2 Gigs of DDR400ram ). I recon ill be good for another 1 or 2 years now ^_^ Thanks for the great review.

  30. Mike

    Super card sapphire 1950 pro, just the ticket to extend my s478 rig to beginning of 08 when native quad core from intel, hyper-transport3, Pci-e 2 ,second generation Dx10 cards and a service pack one for vista ,with decent Dx10 titles out.

    Clocks well on core to 645 from 580, memory does not budge though from stock 702.

    P4 ht 2.8Ghz at 2.95 Ghz
    1Gb 266Mhz DDR at 280Mhz
    250 sata
    80 Sata
    sapphire 1950 Pro 512mb
    Chaintech Apogee board intel 865 s478

    Used to run 6800 128mb clocked at 445Mhz (325 standard)

    6800 3d03 10821
    1950 3d03 14747

    6800 3d05 4758
    1950 3d05 7344

    6800 3d06 1587
    1950 3d06 4253

    As you can see a real improvement, can run almost all modern games now at 1280 x 1024 and with aa x4

    A real purchase

  31. Marc 1403

    Thanks for the review,

    i have a question, (i’m not a pro with computers so sorry if what i am asking is really stupid) i own a Be quiet power supply, moder BQT P4 350W S1,3 that provides 18A / 216w to the 12V line. At the beginnig of the review you said that the minimum recommended would be a 450W psu with 18A. In a pcCity branch they told me it’ll probably be enough (although i don’t know if his recommendation came from the prospect that he could sell me the card and a few days later a PSU…) so i would like to have an informed oppinion if this could work, and what would be the worst that could happen if the card is to power hungry for the psu. Also if there is some information on the documentation of the card regarding minimum power consumption, voltage, wattage, ect. i would really appreciate the info.

    Thanks in advance

  32. Mike

    Hi Marc

    350 watt power supply is a little short of the mark, It all depends on how much it has to power, MOBO, Processor, Memory, Hard Drives/s CD/DVD drives Fans Sound Cards ect..

    I had a q-tec 550w PSU with 16a 230w to the 12v rail but got constant crashes in 3d and could not
    benchmark. Replaced PSU with Jeantec artic 600w with 19a on each 12v rail (Four in total) allowing for a total over both molex connectors of 40a, Now it works and goes like stink.

    The theory is, if you have a really good quality 350w power supply and few demands on it then it may suffice, so plug it in and try running it, but be prepared to fork out at least 70 pounds for a replacement power supply if it does not.

    It is worth it though as you will be getting a power supply that will move forward on to your next gen machine.

    The min specs are 450w with 30a over two rails hence two molex connectors, ps more amps mean less heat and stress on the card and better overclocking room.

  33. Marc 1403

    Thanks for your fast response Mike,

    I see what you mean, I thought about buying a good psu to carry on to my next system but it is just that having to buy the psu at the same time makes the upgrade a bit more “painful” and less attractive… it’s not 230-240 Euros (130 -140 quid) any more, now i’m looking to spend around 300-310 e (200-210 pounds…)

    This is the rest of my rig,

    Gigabyte 8-KNXP
    P4 HT 3 Ghz 800 fsb
    2 Gb of Ram DDr 400
    1 Wd Raptor 74 Gb
    1 Maxtor 120 Gb ata 133
    Sony dvd drive
    Nec 3500AG dual layer dvd burner.

    As you can see there is not a lot to power although after what you say i am a bit reluctant of end up with a dead psu. Theoretically i shouldn’t worry about the rest of my components dying, since the psu has pfc…

    Also, i was thinking about buying the Shappire version of this card which has 2 molex connectors, and both have to be plug to the card in order for it to work… would this make any difference? (thinking out loud, 2 connectors would probably provide a more stable current, and would this double the Amps provided???) What do you think?? Sorry for my english, i’m from spain :)

    Thanks for your advice

  34. Mike

    Hi Marc

    It is a bit painfull to realize the upgrade path is a little dearer than expected.

    What you have not mentioned is what card are you currently running in your system, I was running a good leadtek 6800 which was by no means a slouch and very playable, I just cant live with dropped frame rates, drives me insane.

    The essence is that if you are a serious gamer and want to hold out for the correct upgrade in early 08 to newer better and faster technologies out around then, buying the agp 1950 is a good value year long happiness inducing piece of kit.

    Just think of the power supply as a purchase in the bank for the mean system of the future (Even though this hurts)

    The sapphire card is a good one and looking at your machines specs (Similar to mine but better and more ram and super cool raptor) it will run very well. There is room for overclocking it if you are in to that sort of thing, but will not make much noticable difference, only a higher 3d score for kudos rights.

    I have found that the p4 is holding back the performance now as this is acting as a throttle.
    I clocked my 2.8ghz (1meg cache 800 fsb) to 3.2ghz last night and ran 3d05 scoring 500 points more than standard clock, I do get that increase by overclocking the 1950 even by 50mhz.

    The sapphire uses 2 molex connectors as there are few if any power supplies out there with over 30a on a single molex, hence using two molex connectors in parallel gives the required amps. By the way, the 1950 uses more amps that the big daddy nVidia 8800gtx, Go Figure.

    I think its a worthwile upgrade, and feel I have spent my money well, Definately not buying ps3 now as will be too busy fragging on the pc.

    hope this helps

  35. Marc 1403

    Hey Mike,

    Yes, i have come to realize that i’m gonna have to spend the extra money on the psu if i want to get the card… At the moment i am running a sapphire 9600xt and as you can imagine is falling very very short… i´m not a hardcore gamer but i want to play oblivion and company of heroes with good resolutions and detail levels, and after all, i might be able to hold on a year and a half, luckily 2 years before i make a new machine. Ok after this auto convincing speech.. ;) i think i am ready to take the plunge and go for it…

    Thanks for the advice!


    OK guys i got the video cart did a few test and it rocks man !!! let me tell you it more that made my
    fps rate 3 to 5 times faster in game aplication
    it is one crazy video card even if im running a older system
    BARTON 3000 @ 2250mhz
    2gigs of good ram

    on beach mark from freestone in got 2210 that is 64bit performance. YAHOO.

  37. Jeff

    I just recently bought a HIS Radeon X 1950 PRO card, and it mentions about the 6 pin power connector, i looked al threw my computer and i cannot find a 6 pin wire anywhere, i also bought a new MB and yeah i cannot find a 6 pin anywhere PLEASE HELP ME!!


    you need a powersuply with the plug or a adaptor that goes to normal hard drive power to that 6pin connector dont you have the plug in you video card box?
    with mine i did have it.

  39. I just bought this card as well, and I hate to say that it is not living up to my expectations :( I cant get the catalyst control center to work at all, and it plays my nascar2003 game and rFactor worse than my 6800gt that I had.

    I’m hoping that I just have something set wrong but I’m not sure. Have the 6 pin connector from my 500w PSU connected….any ideas? Could it still be a power issue?

    In my information senter it says…
    Core Clock in MHz 574MHz
    Memory Clock in MHz 689 MHz

    It also says…
    Current Bus Setting AGP Off

    Hope this helps

    AMD64 3000
    1 gig ram
    500w PSU
    ATI x1950 Pro

  40. Eugen

    Im having the same problem. Agp is always turned off in smartgart and there is no way to turn it on. i used to own a 9800pro and that card was always stuck in 4x agp till i updated my chiset tdrivers for my motherboard,so im gona do that now and see if it works.


    Mine is at off too but its running a 8X i know because of my speed test there is no way that i would have test like this with no 8X on .
    so i dont bother about it.

  42. Adol

    Hi, will this card work with this PSU? :

    It’s an Antec SP450 watts. As you can see it has a 12V1 with 15 amperes and a 12V2 with 17 amperes. That means the amperes of both 12v will sum up when using the 6 ping connector?

    Sorry I’m a little lost with this matter and thanks.

  43. jamul

    I have a system (dual 3.6 xeon) with agp and use it for tivo with an ATI theater card. I was using a BFG7800oc but it didn’t play nice with the theater card soooo bought one of these ATI 1950 pro cards. It works with the theater card much better and seems faster than the 7800. I run Vista 64 bit so I cannot bench with 3dmark as they don’t support my OS but the Vista gaming graphics performance came up from 5.2 to 5.8. If you know of any benchmarks that run on Vista 64, I am willing to swap cards around and run them.

  44. I have had a Powercolor 256meg X1950 Pro AGP on my Asus P4C800ED,running with a Zeus Silverstone ST56ZF 560W power supply with Cat 6.12 drivers (it didn’t like cat 7.x’s for overclock.)
    and at 3.4GHz CPU O/C for 3 months now in the hottest of weather in an air cooled rig. This card is big ,but is a brilliant performer as long as you have the power and the air flow for it. Currently the card is O/Ced to 621Mhz core and 702 MHz mem.

  45. Luke

    Hey Guys,

    Ok, i was all set on going PCI-E then i literally stumbled across the scoop on this card for the agp format and i got thinking…maybe…just maybe.

    One thing though, i remember when i was considering the 7800gs the PSU was a bit of a grey zone for me.

    My current config is this:

    Athlon 64 3000
    1GB RAM
    9800 PRO 128MB
    One optical drive [dvd burner]
    One floppy
    One 120gb HDD
    MSI K8T NEO Mobo
    ThermalTake Tsunami Case with 400W PSU

    So, considering what i have running [not alot really..?] do you think i could scrape by on the current PSU without having to upgrade it?? [which really makes the whole notion far less attractive]

    And if it were to go into my system, what kind of performance increase do you think i could expect over the faithful 9800pro i have in there now?


  46. Chris Hathaway

    I thought I’d assist people with PC requirements for this card!

    I used to own:

    AMD 3200 Barton 400FSB
    2gb DDR400 Ram
    Audigy 2zs
    320gb IDE 7200 Hitachi HDD

    The card sucked in this PC. As you will have read above though, there are some benfits for those with older rigs like the one above, the MINIMUM frame rates are at least a lots better than the out going X800XT, plus FSAA and AF could be applied with minimal performance hit.

    However, if you do upgrade, then you really do get at least twice the power from the card.

    I sold my old Mobo, CPU, Ram, PSU and Hard Drives on ebay, with the cash I added (about £100 extra), I got the following:

    AMD X2 AM2 4000 Dual Core CPU
    ASrock AGP based AM2 Mobo (surprisingly good!)
    2gb Dual Channel DDR2 800mhz Ram
    Serial ATA 500gb HDD
    Thermaltake Toughpower 750w 60amp (4x12v Rail) PSU

    I can only urge anyone with less than DRR2 and minimum top end single core Athlon 64, upgrade! You will be so so happy!

    I know I am ;-)

    This is why:

    All games at highest possible detail settings (inc soft shadows where available) 1280*1024 max AF and 4x FSAA:

    Battlefield 2 64 Player map fully populated – 70-110fps

    Half Life 2 – V-sync’d at 75hz, giving a near faultless 75fps constantly

    Virtua Tennis 3 – 60-80fps

    Test Drive Unlimited – 35-45fps

    COD2 – 40-70fps

  47. (-_-)__v

    The thing is that in order to get the best out of your 1950Pro your sys need to be inline with your GC.If you had older system it will bottleneck which mean that you wont see much differences if you use new high-end GC compare to your older one.

  48. Ааану-ка ребятки голосуем!!!

    Признавайтеесь проказники и владельцы сайта ))))

    ЧТО вы будете делать этим летом??!

  49. kit


    не вмешивайся в английский раздел.. тута американцы….

    America Foreva ^_^

    AMD – respekt, also x1950pro AGP , in may platform AGP and video comunikation in Cool man, coll…

  50. tooley

    i have a 6800gt with a p4 3.06ht and 2gig ram now and although its running wow on maxxed settings i was worried about the temp this card is running at goes up to 56c when running wow for a few hours so i just swapped the case with more fans and swapped the heat sink for a sythe infinty….everything now runs 10c cooler apart from the card which hasnt budged… does anyone know if the x1950pro will runn cooler

  51. Joe Makin

    This a a great review site and I really enjoy all of the real info that you are putting out… I just purchased the Visiontek x1950 pro XGE AGP from Bestbuy for 189.00 us dollars and it is just fantastic… I also had to upgrade the power supply to a Cooler Master 500W Extreme Power for a great price of 29.99 after rebates from CompUsa. (note You need to turn the ps fan protector over it hits the fan if you don’t easy fix…) I replaced a MSI 6600 GTX and I did not see any difference until I updated the drivers…Lord have mercy, what a beautiful difference, I don’t know what the frame rate or what ever all I know is that running Battlefield with everything maxed out is awesome.. Thanks

  52. Joe Makin

    Keep up the great work and thanks again.

    Joe Makin

    PS ONe last thing for now 7.7 drivers work the best for my system…P4P800E Deluxe/ 3-160Hds/2Gigs of Ram/Prescott 3.0 over clocked to 3.6 ghz /creative X-fi sound card./six fans.

  53. I have a 775 3.0 @ 3.63 with 4x 512 dual ch and an x850xt agp, overclocked this card pulls 14350 on 3d03, about 2 weeks ago i switched to an x1950 pro (my neighbor bought my x850) to my surprise the x1950 pro could not break the 15000 mark without overclocking it which i really don’t want to do. I now think I have wasted my money and should have put this toward a PCIE ass kickin upgrade. Just thought you guys might be interested in my

  54. naisioxerloro

    Good design, who make it?

  55. Smithers

    Anyone have an opinion on the 256Meg memory of the Visiontek versus the 512 on the diamond/sapphire/HIS cards that are out there? I noted that the HIS card doesnt include the 6 pin MOLEX adapter for instance…any other comments on comparing the different builds of the x1950 chip?

  56. Dilip

    Im looking for more stable What catalyst Software and drivers for ATI RADEON Visiontek X1950 Pro AGP?


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