World of Warcraft – Flying Mount

I’ve been sucked back into the world of World of Warcraft, thanks to the Burning Crusades expansion, and managed to get to level 70, and bought the coveted flying mount. This has effectively opened up a whole new world in the game, allowing for greater freedom and less dying, and saved time. I also, as a kid at heart, love doing silly tricks like falling from the greatest height into the water. Witness for yourself this:

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  1. Urlik

    Pretty neat, too bad there’s no scream for long falls.

  2. Or something like they had in BF1942, heh.

  3. swarfy

    I found out on my priest, If you go to the highest height, dismount, and light fall, you’ll fall straight down(It glitches). And it takes you one minute and 45 seconds to land… Light fall lasts for two minutes.

    Yes.. I was extremely bored that day.. hehe

  4. i love it its cool but on my account im only lvl 45 mage but i cant wait to go and ride on i want one of those new tiger mounts

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