Oral Surgery

Tomorrow morning I’ll be going in to have a number of teeth on the top removed, as they have deteriorated to the point of causing abscess infections and exposed nerves. As a result, I have been in intense pain, waking up with a headache everyday, that I have no choice but to have them removed and a partial put in. The oral surgeon also wants to remove the bottom back wisdom teeth, because apparently I’m brimming with waaaaaaay too much wisdom.

Although to be perfectly honest, I’m real nervous. They will be putting me to sleep during the removal process, which I understand, but still the idea of it has me apprehensive. Then there’s the healing process, where I’m hearing words like clotting that doesn’t make the whole process very appealing. Having to eat soup and drink liquids for a while doesn’t bother me too much. One of my favorite things to make are soups, and I make great soups.

Today I spend time saying goodbye to bones that has been a part of me for 28 years. Kind of put things into perspective, doesn’t it?

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  1. Lupee

    Hey Matt

    I wish you the very best of luck with your surgery… keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that the clotting aint too bad!!

    Hope you end up pain free!

  2. Cindy

    Matt – It is not as bad as you think. I had 3 of my 4 wisdom teeth removed a few years ago, and also had to be put under to have them removed.. (extremely high tolerance to novacaine.. it just doesn’t work on me)

    The diet wont be as bad as you think either. You can of course eat soups as you had mentioned, but also jell-o, yogurt, even scrambled eggs. Another good thing is Carnation Instant Breakfast. It will help insure that you are getting all the necessary nutrients and vitamins while you’re on the liquid diet, and it comes in a lot of different flavors.

    (((( Matt ))))

    You’ll be just fine. Just think, no more tooth aches, head aches from tooth aches, absesses, and oral pain. You’ll be sore as you recover, but you’d be surprised at how quickly your mouth will heal. Just listen to the surgeon and follow the post op suggestions and you’re be A-OK. I promise. :)

  3. Thank you very much, Lucy and Cindy. I’ve made a follow-up post, and truly appreciate your comments.

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