Assumptions from my Writings

For as long as I can remember, I get emails from people that misinterpret my posts on this site. For example, someone assumed I was a dentist because of the posts I’ve made recently about my oral surgery, and she wanted answers I couldn’t give. Just now I had to delete a comment from someone who gave sensitive business information, believing that I am Dell’s Customer Support because I made a post about my Dell LCD monitor.

Another person thought I worked for AOL because of a post, ironically enough, where I heavily trashed AOL for their craptacular service. My motto is educate, educate, educate. I know not everyone is proficient with computers and the internet, so I’m always polite to these people, trying to be as helpful as I can. I just find it a bit amusing, that’s all.

Now with all that said, I’d like to talk about lesbian psychology …

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  1. Cindy

    What exactly about lesbian psychology would you like to discuss? Do you want to know about the urges that overcome someone to feel attracted to the same sex? Or are you chagrinned that a woman could be attracted to another woman, when there are so many fine specimen’s of the male species about? How about whether or not they were sexually abused or mistreated thus causing some deep seeded psychological trauma which induced a craving for fur burger, rather than weiner.. Hmmm inquiring minds want to know.

    (grin) I will vouch for you Matt. You’ve always been exceptionally helpful when the need for technical advice has reared it’s ugly head. Your judgement and instructions are always trusted and accurate. You have a gift, which allows you to see past the nest of circuitry, wiring, and random scraps of metal that comprise the awe inspiring “pc”, and see it for what it really is.. and then you’re able to take that information and translate it to the dough heads like myself who just want the damned things to work the way they’re supposed to. (laugh)

    Lesbian psychology… sheesh.. You ought to know by now, if there’s anything about that topic you are curious about, I’m your gal!

  2. Fur burger? Ugh, that one is NEVER going to leave my head now. Thanks for being incorrigible!

  3. Cindy

    I was trying to keep it PG-13. I guess if you want, I could stretch it out to NC-17, R, or even XXX if ya want.. ;)

    And you’re welcome. Incorrigible is my middle name. You should know this. I will *always* poke the bear!! :)

  4. Poke the bear? So you have big, hairy gay men around to poke too? Dear me ….

  5. Cindy

    Yes, of course I have big, hairy gay men around. Don’t you know us “gays” all hang out together. It’s like a secret club. We even have a super secret hand shake. We’re like the Mason’s. We hold rituals and sacrifice bi-curious virgins on the first full moon of the year.

    The homosexual underground is a hot spot for sexual exploitation. We are the ones who hand candy out to young children and we recruit at swim meets. (You can always tell who has a little “puff in their stuff” by the way they walk around a pool..)

    Now, quit asking silly questions, and let’s get to that psychology chat you were looking for. You’re gonna get me kicked out of the club for revealing all of our secrets!

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