2007 NCAA Basketball Championship

Florida Gators

Tonight the Florida Gators play against the Ohio State Buckeyes in the NCAA basketball championship. Earlier this year in January, the Gators and Buckeyes faced each other in the championship in football with the Gators winning 41-14. This is the first time in history two teams faced in each other in championships of both sports in the same time, which should make the game even more exciting. For me, as a lifelong Gators fan, I hope they win a 3rd championship in 2 years (incredible!)

Florida Gators

Whether the Gators win or lose tonight, I cannot stress enough how impressed and honored I am to have seen this team play for the past two years. After winning the basketball championship last year, this team passed up millions in the NBA to try again, and here they are. Many analysts and experts say this is one of the greatest teams assembled in all time, some even comparing them to the ’91-’92 Duke team, who won back-to-back championship. Which is something the Gators hope to do tonight.

With all that said, go Gators! Bring home another championship!

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  1. A year ago at my apartment complex everyone was going nuts during the final four game. This year there was silence. I looked across at the neighbouring apartments and the same folks who were “Gators” gone wild a year ago were either studying or playing poker during this years games.
    Has success become so boring already for the people of Gainesville or could it be that they are all just fairweather fans not real sports fans.

  2. Who knows, but more than likely last year they had friends/family over to party, and this year people couldn’t make it. I’d say we’ve become spoiled, but naahhh … I’ll definitely enjoy another Gators championship. :)

  3. gators pure luck

    the gators suck and are lucky, big ten rules

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