Elitist Music Snob

Sometimes I wonder if, because of my music listening habits, I have become an elitist music snob. I’m always sneering at any artists on MTV, or the current popular Billboard chart toppers. However, according to this site, I am ~30% mainstream. What it does is take my listening habits from Last.fm (which records every single song I’ve played since August 2005, and takes into account how many others also listen to the artist in my Top 50 list. Then it computes everything together and finds my mainstream percentage.

I like to think that I have a healthy balance between good mainstream and indie music.

Also, I know it is surprising to see Neko Case way up there, but I went through a spell there where I listened to nothing but her for months. It’s about the only “country” I’ll really get into these days.

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  1. Chris

    Well that’s a damn good site. Next time my girlfriend calls me a music elitist I shall point her to that site.

    I’m 37.16% mainstream.


    Angelo Badalamenti ??? 0 4 %

    Made me laugh. I think that comes out as Niche :D

  2. mitch

    as much as the arrogant elitists bug me, at the same time these are the people who are putting the crappy “panic at the disco!” and “fall out boy” bands in their place so its not an all bad thing….

  3. Dave H

    I totally agree. I have been an elitists for many years and I can’t stand watching MTV. I would much rather watch Lifetime any day.

  4. OG

    Anyone who doesn’t like Hootie is a racist. And if you don’t like Gin Blossoms you deserve to be tortured.

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