Cloud Gazing

Recently I’ve taken to noticing and appreciating the sky, especially clouds. Not exactly sure why, really. Maybe it’s the preliminary sign of mid-midlife crisis? Yesterday while walking the dogs, it was sprinkling, the whole sky as far as the eye can see was filled with rainclouds. Except in one particular area, where there was an opening.

It was getting close to dusk, and the sky was bright orange, the clouds were dark orange filled with rain. But where the opening is, you can see a clear blue sky through it, even though everywhere else it was overcast and burnt orange. Through the opening, I could see the top of one of the rainclouds, illuminated in bright gold due to the sun shining on it. It was really neat, I wish I had a picture of it.

However, I did get a picture of today where the clouds were silver-white, tiny hints of rain in them, but not enough to dark them too much. The picture:

A Silver Blue Sky

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  1. Monica

    Wow! What a great picture! I can tell you have an artistic eye :)

  2. tammy

    I can see the sky in my mind with every word your worte it’s beautiful.

  3. -Magic-

    Sounds like it would have made a great picture… I love it when you get them moments where everywhere theres dark rainclouds above. And then theres a small opening and you get the thin slits of light pushing down, its almost god-like. I remember when i was young and i saw a cloud that looked exactly like a polar bear on a thick jagged chunk of ice. It was standing on its hind legs sniffing. One of my fondest memories :)

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