How to Record Xbox 360 Gameplay Videos, while using Medifast to Stay in Shape!

Recently I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries from people that visit, asking how I recorded the games I’m playing on the Xbox 360. With this in mind, I thought I’d write a simple little how-to guide on how to record high-quality gameplay videos of you playing. Since it records the video to your computer’s hard drive, you can do what you want with it, upload it to a video service online, convert it to any format, burn it to a CD or DVD to share with people, etc. Like a lot of video game gadgets, this will definitely keep you highly entertained and glued to your electronics, not allowing a lot of time for exercise. I got some MediFast coupons to get some medifast really cheap in case this starts to take up all of my time.

For the record, this method will also work on the Sony Playstation 3. I have no idea if it’ll work on the Nintendo Wii, though. I’ll be going through this guide using the HAVA Platinum HD placeshifter device. Other methods involve the use of a capture card or external USB capture device. The benefit of a placeshifter is that it has other uses (such as watch your cable or TiVo anywhere), and it allows you to record at a higher quality, namely at a resolution of 720×480.

There’s no free way to do this, it requires spending a bit of money. Here’s what to get:

Okay, it’s likely you already own an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. First off, you’ll want to buy a placeshifting device. Placeshifting can be defined as watching or listening to live, recorded or stored media on a remote device via the internet or over a data network (wireless network, for example.) Once acquired, follow these steps to get to recording your gameplay.

Step 1:

Lay out the HAVA Platinum HD (picture of back) in an open space near your computer and Xbox 360:


Step 2:

Take a triple phono coupler and plug the component (red, green, blue) cord into one side, and then take a component cord that came with the HAVA and plug it into the other end. Then plug the mini-stereo jack into the back of the HAVA where it says HD In.


Step 3:

Take the audio RCA cable from the Xbox (it’s the same component cord that has the red/green/blue on it) and take the other triple phono coupler and plug the red and white cords in (doesn’t matter which colors it goes into.) Then take the same audio RCA cable that came with the HAVA (red/white/yellow cord) and plug it into the other side, making sure the red and white plugs are on the same alignment. Then plug in the mini-stereo jack into the back of the HAVA where it says A/V In.


Step 4:

Now take the other audio RCA cord (red/white/yellow) that came with the HAVA and plug the mini-stereo jack into the back of the HAVA where it says A/V Out. Do the same for the other component cord that came with the HAVA and plug that one into the back where it says HD Out.


Step 5:

Plug both cords from Step 4 into the TV where you’ll be playing the Xbox 360 on.


Step 6:

Connect the ethernet cord to your router, and the power cord, and plug it in.

Step 7:

Make sure your TV is on the correct video source (for example, the HAVA is plugged into my TV’s Component 2). Turn on your Xbox 360. If the logo comes up and everything works fine, you’ve set everything up properly.

Step 8:

Go to HAVA’s Download and Upgrade page and grab the latest software and firmware for the HAVA Platinum HD. Install the software and follow instructions. Update to the latest firmware if needed. Once everything is installed and set up properly on the computer, run the HAVA Player.

HAVA Player

It should show whatever is on your TV, albeit with a slight lag. Which is why you’ll be playing on the TV, while your computer records what is being shown on TV. In HAVA Player, be sure to go to up to the menu and go to Player>Settings and set everything up there.

To record gameplay, simply hit the big record button on the HAVA Player. When done playing, hit the stop button. From there, you can do whatever you want with the video that is created. I suggest sharing it on Stage6, which allows for higher quality video sharing than what YouTube allows.


Here’s a video I recorded with my camera showing me playing the Xbox 360 on my HDTV and then walking to the kitchen where my laptop is playing what I’m doing in my room using the HAVA Player.

Also, if you’d like to see the quality of a recorded video using the HAVA Player at default settings, you can download it here (150MB). Right-click the link and choose Save As to download it and play it using your video player.

If you’d like to see videos I’ve recorded, be sure to visit

Update: I’ve disabled comments because of overwhelming support questions. Please do not email me with questions. I’m just one person that has limited experience with Hava’s product. Hava has dedicated support for their product, visit their Support Page if you need help or have questions. Thanks!

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  1. Andrew

    I have a question. Can I plug the ethernet cord between the HAVA and straight into my 360? I am not sure how I’d go about plugging it into my router since it is so far away from my 360 (in completely different rooms). Would that work? Thanks in advance, and thanks for the awesome tutorial.

  2. Andrew: No, that won’t work. In your situation, you would need to invest in the wireless version of the Hava, which costs a bit more.

    Although I’m not a networking guru, I think another possible solution would be to use a wireless bridge near the Hava and Xbox 360, which is connected to your main wireless router. However, you’d need to do research on this to see if it works, as I can’t say for certain this a solution.

  3. Andrew

    Thanks man, I have contacted the HAVA support staff and hope to get this figured out. Your solution seems very doable and I am very grateful for the help! Thanks a bunch.

  4. hello, i just ordered the hava platinum and stuff, now when they arrive i will be recording gameplay thanks for all the help. do you think you could give me a tutorial on how to both watch TV and record it at the same time?

  5. Mike

    What type of video does the hava record into? Does it allow raw uncompressed capture or does it only capture to pre-defined codecs or some sort of proprietary codec?

  6. Mike: It records to MPEG2, so it is pre-compressed on the fly as you are recording. On one hand, it’s nice as it does the compressing for you via the hardware, but on the other hand it limits your control over the output during recording.

  7. Krypto

    Why is it that when I’m recording HD footage from my Xbox 360…the quality doesn’t look HD on my computer.? I have the same thing that you do, but for some reason it just looks like I’m recording HD footage with a VCR…Help..

  8. Krypto: Make sure in the Hava Player, go to Options>Quality and set it to the highest. Also, make sure you’re recording the Local Hava, and not recording it via Remote.

  9. Krypto

    For some reason, my HAVA device has 4 blue lights and not green lights. They don’t even have that on their site. I have it set to the best quality possible and local viewing. It stills has crappy quality. Does it have anything to do with the couplers that I am using? I bought 3 packs of 2 single couplers. They all have white colors as opposed to the 2 triple couplers with the red, green, and blue colors….Hmmm….Help…

  10. Krypto: Your Hava should have 4 blue lights, so that is correct. Mine doesn’t have any green lights. My guess is that the couplers you’re using are for composite, rather than component. Composite video is on par with what VCR-quality would be.

  11. Bill

    Will this work on a non-HD TV?

  12. This will work on a non-HDTV provided it has either S-Video or Composite inputs.

  13. Jeremy: I wasn’t paying attention to the Xbox 360 when I was setting it up on my desk to take the pictures above (I normally have it on a bookshelf next to my desk, laying down flat.)

  14. Jason

    Do you think this would work with a Mac using OS X?

  15. Jason

    And can it work for just the red, yellow and white cables as I don’t have a HD TV yet. So I want to record low-def now and then high-def when I get a HD TV in the next couple of months.

  16. Jason: I don’t think it will work on a Mac, since Hava don’t seem to have any OSX software to install. You’ll have to find a placeshifter with Mac OSX support.

    It will work fine with the red, white, and yellow cables (called composite.)

  17. Jason

    Since the drivers for the device would come with the software, I would assume I could run it on OS X emulating Windows in a virtual environment.

    I also take it you can do this with both 50Hz and 60Hz games. Been struggling to captures Gears matches because it runs at 60Hz.

    Thanks a bunch for putting this together. It is very helpful.

  18. Jason

    Ok I found a thread for anyone else seeking OS X support.

    An alternative is the Slingbox as mentioned there.

    Here they mention Mac support is definitely coming out.

    I am sure it will work using Windows emulation on the OS X platform until the native Mac software is released.

    I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to format long links into HTML or not. I left them as raw links.

  19. Jason: I had no problem recording 50hz/60hz games.

    As for Mac OSX support, not sure when they plan on releasing any, but I can attest that it works fine via Bootcamp booting into Windows XP.

  20. Jason

    There is no reason why this should not work in the UK right? We have the same 60Hz/50Hz America has. I would imagine a simple voltage adaptor would power the unit?

  21. Jason: Sorry, I have no idea, I’m not familiar with the differences the U.K. has.

  22. Thanks for posting the detailed guide to how you did this. I’ve been looking for a consumer-priced way to record HD-output from the X360 for over a year now and have yet to find much that didn’t require thousands of dollars and a dedicated workstation.

    One question though: Is there an option to save the video as an uncompressed file, perhaps as a straight .avi?

  23. Doug: Glad the guide helped. Unfortunately it is hardware-encoded to MPEG2 on the Hava unit, there’s no way to select uncompressed .avi or any other compression formats. It’s the biggest flaw it has.

  24. Jason

    Well it does work with Parallels on Windows. The setup wizard is useless. My advice to anyone using OS X and Parallels is to select

    Devices > Network Adapter 1 > Default Adapter

    Then run the wizard and update the software. Let it do the firmware update and it will probably fail on the preview. Just click exit. Then go to the player and voila it shows up.

    It would be nice to have a native Mac client but this works fine.

  25. Matt Coohill

    I have this setup. It’s working very well, but the video seems to be interlaced, even if I have the Xbox 360 set to 720p.

    Is there a way to get the video to not be interlaced? I’ve looked at the options, but found nothing.

  26. Mike

    Just picked one up and I must say its great because its alot simpliar then other methods I have used in the past (which included vga splitters then downconverters and direct capture cards).

    Only 2 flaws.

    1. While the device does show up in external applicaitons like dscaler and virtual dub, its unusable. probably due to the mpeg2 compression by the hardware and the pripriotary nature of the device. That said, using the official hava application for recording in mpeg2 is good enough quality, at least for making online videos and is very simple to use and user friendly. I suppose if your looking for HD quality tho, your still gonna need a component distribution amp along with a 720/1080 capture card which will run you around $500. I think ill stick with the hava for $150 for the time being until more HD recording products are adopted to market to get their prices down.

    2. The placeshifting feature works great, but you cant record whats placeshifted, only watch. So basically if you did an awsome gameplay stunt and forgot to record, you can rewind with placeshifting to see it but you cannot record it since you did not hit record before you captured it. Perhaps with some sort of screen capture software you could do it but that would probably butcher the video. Unless some1 knows how to access the save file of placeshifted content? (Currently the placeshifting folder just shows 0 files while in use and then deletes itself once you shut down the player)

  27. Do you do any post-processing or other clean up before pushing the video to flv? And you should totally go for a refferal/kick-back setup with that hava provider. I know I wouldn’t have picked one up if it weren’t for this article.


  28. Steve

    Is there any way to use the HAVA as a webcam capture source? I want to capture my tv or 360 and broadcast it using webcam software, not HAVA’s remote viewing software.

  29. burningtrees: The only post-processing I do is to up the brightness because certain dark areas of the games are too dark when playing back on the web.

  30. Lynas

    Great tutorial.

    However, I expect the life span of your 360’s HDD to be shorter than normal… you’ve got the entire system up side down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Steve

    Matt: If I wanted to capture my 360 and be able to play on my TV in HD and also broadcast it using webcam tools, do you have any suggestions as to other hardware I could use for this besides the HAVA device?

  32. Trey

    Ok, so quick question.

    I’m a network noobie…and I was just wondering…My computer has a wireless adapter, so I have wireless internet in my room. So that means, my ethernet slot in the back of my computer is unused…so will I be able to plug the ethernet cord from the Hava directly into my computer…or does it have to go through a router? I don’t know if I explained my question properly…But I hope you can help me.


  33. Trey: No, it wouldn’t work plugging the Hava into the back of your computer, you would need to plug it directly into the back of your wireless router (most wireless routers have 4 or 5 ethernet inputs.)

    However, if your wireless router is too far from where you plan to have the Hava device, you can spend a bit more to get the Hava Wireless HD or the Hava Titanium HD WIFI, which is similar to what I’m using above, but has wireless capabilities built in to connect to your wireless network without wires.

  34. Trey

    Ok, so sorry for double posting…but I have one more question…

    Does the router that you plug into the back of have to be hooked up to internet…or does the signal just have to go through a router? Because I have an extra router that I could use…would that work?

  35. Trey: You mean a second router used as a bridge? As long as it works fine, then yes that’ll work.

    If it doesn’t have access to the internet the Remote Hava function won’t work. I don’t know if the Hava absolutely REQUIRES an internet function, even just for local network viewing, as I haven’t tested this, but I don’t see why it would.

    If you need more official answers, you could try the official forums where I’m sure people much smarter than me when it comes to the Hava can help:

  36. Trey

    Thanks for al your help, tour a lifesaver lol

  37. Brian

    Thanks for the tutorial. I have everything setup on a Hava Wireless HD and I’m using an ethernet cable to connect to a switch that my computer is tied into. Everything looks on the TV, but the recording quality is pretty poor…it seems low resolution. Any ideas? I have the bitrate set to best, but switching it to 16000kps didn’t seem to help.

  38. Brian: Do you know what the resolution it is recording at? What media player are you using? Also, be sure you have a good MPEG2 codec installed. A good one is available here.

    If you want, you can send me a short recording (about 5 seconds worth) and then I can give you more information. My email is listed on the Contact page.

  39. Ray

    Do you do any recording of multiplayer games? Any noticable lag going through the device before your TV? Does the game still show up in 720p or 1080i on your TV or does it come through as standard?

  40. No lag in multiplayer games, and it’d likely never happen as online games don’t even go over 100kB/sec, which is a tiny amount in the bandwidth pipe of wireless and wired routers.

    It shows up as 720p or 1080i/1080p on the TV, depending on what you have it set up for on the console.

  41. chris

    If I have my hava platinum wired to my wireless router, can I send the video wirelessly to my laptop, or does my laptop have to be wired to the router.

  42. marcel

    is Hava going to be viable long term? I know there is a long standing debate about hava vs sling and id just like to get anyones opinion since the hava website seems kind of strung together vs sling whos is great.


  43. Marcel: I don’t think a website is any way to determine long-term viability of any company. While Slingbox’s website is flashy and cute with the commercials embedded in the site, you have to go digging to get information on their site. Hava explains what a placeshifter is right on the front page. So both have their pluses and minuses, it’s all about preferences of which you favor.

  44. BaBoooooooooooN

    Can you edit the video like you can with normal capture cards? Like, if you want to make a montage with effects and things?

  45. BaBoooooooooooN: Sure you can, in any video editing program that supports MPEG2. I can edit videos in VirtualDub, Windows Movie Maker, and iMovie (on OSX).

  46. BaBoooooooooooN

    Thanks so much! I have this coming tomorrow and can’t wait! BTW, someone told me that Windows Movie Maker cannot handle HD videos. That’s not true, right?

  47. BaBoooooooooooN: Awesome, hope you enjoy it when it comes in.

    Well, actually it is true, real uncompressed HD cannot be handled by most any applications or computers today. It takes up terabytes of space in no time, and require a godly computer to edit it.

    However, what you and most people think is “HD” in relations to devices like Hava and other companies calling HD is not true HD. Most of the time actual HD is compressed heavily, and other times like with the Hava it isn’t real HD in the 720p or 1080p sense. When they say HD, they just mean high resolution, which can be ambiguous.

    The Hava outputs at 720×480, which is also compressed. So yes, Windows Movie Maker (or any video editing software) and a fairly decent computer can edit what Hava outputs just fine.

  48. BaBoooooooooooN

    Thanks for the quick response. About how much video can I record with just 55 gigs left on my harddrive? Lol.

  49. A rather lengthy video, you have nothing to worry about with that much space. As a reference, an average 15 minute video takes up about 700MB on my hard drive.

  50. BaBoooooooooooN

    You have helped me alot with all of this. Thanks for your time.

  51. BaBoooooooooooN

    Having a problem… when I try to import my recorded videos to Windows Movie Maker 2, an error comes up and says “C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\My Hava Recordings\Tuesday, June 10, 20089-00-28 PM.mpg could not be imported. An interface has too many methods to fire events from” Any idea how to get past this?

  52. A search on Google all pointed out the same thing, that you don’t have the proper MPEG2 codec installed. You can get a free one here.

  53. BaBoooooooooooN

    Thanks once again. This truely is an amazing capture card.

  54. BaBoooooooooooN

    I’m having a huge problem with the quality, it looks really really bad. I have the settings all the way up and have the same setup as you. Why is it doing this?

  55. BaBoooooooooooN

    Nevermind, after I set my TV to 1080i it looks 100 times better! Woot!

  56. Nathan

    Is there a guide for the HAVA WIRELESS HD for 360 setup?

    Thank you.

  57. Houston

    Matt, after reading this long page of posts, i kinda feel sorry for your to answer so many questions. Thanks for the guide, it really helped a bunch. ^^


    So after all these wires are running through this is the picture on my tv still in HD as if it wasnt connected at all ?

    Also Any way to do this with a HDMI Cable?


  59. Nathan: This guide should work with the Hava Wireless HD as well, the only difference is how your’s accesses the network.

    Houston: Glad it helped! :)

    Josh: Yes, as long as your component cable is switched to HD and it’s plugged into an HDTV, it”ll show up on the TV as HD.

    There’s no way to do this with HDMI, because the Hava doesn’t support it (nor any other placeshifter) and also because the Xbox 360 is protected with HDCP.

  60. Nathan

    Ive tried everything and im getting really frustrated. I use the RCA cable from my HAVA to a Triple Phono to my Xbox 360 Red/white/and yellow which then is hooked up to my Xbox 360. Then i use my component cable which is hooked up to my HAVA then to a triple phono then to my Xbox HD cable then to my Xbox. And i have the 2 other wires for my Power and cable. The only thing i get is a laggy Xbox screen on my HAVA computer screen and can barely play with the lag, i dont get no picture on my t.v. and dont know what to do. Im just about to send ti back seeing as no one can help me.

    If any of you have AIM and can help me please give me it.

  61. Nathan

    Scratch that last post.

    I have it hooked up now properly, my brother came over and helped me, it shows up on my t.v. and it did show up on my computer but now it doesnt. Everything is right because it did work, and now it doesnt show up when it did earlier.

    How do i get it to come back up?

  62. kevin

    So, does this save to your computers hard drive? Can you choose which file to put the video in?

    Are there any other devices besides the placeshifter that will work?

    Much appreciated

  63. Nathan: Without knowing what your brother did, I can’t help you.

    Kevin: Yes, it saves to your hard drive, and you can save to any folder on your computer’s hard drive. If you don’t want to use a placeshifter, you can use a capture card.

  64. Nathan

    Last and final question. I have everything hooked up, I just need a way to transfer all of my videos from HAVA WIRELESS to my Macbook Pro. Is there a website i could use to trasnfer these videos or what could i do?

  65. Nathan: You have many options available:

    • Set up file sharing between your PC and MBP.
    • Burn the videos to a CD/DVD and put it on your MBP.
    • Put it on a USB flash drive (4GB can be gotten for ~$20 now) and transfer to your MBP.
    • Get an external hard drive that can connect to both your computers.
    • Use Boot Camp to set up Windows XP on your MBP and install the Hava software on there, to have it record to the MBP’s hard drive.
  66. kevin

    Would a newer computer be more helpful in recording?

  67. kevin: Only if the newer computer has a capture card.

  68. Sean

    great how-to, matt! i picked one up myself and i’m in the process of recording my own gameplays. just a quick question: what software do you use to convert it from mpg to flash (flv)?

  69. Sean: Thanks! Glad it helped you. I use Flix Pro to convert my .mpg to .flv. It’s a bit pricey, but well worth it if you plan on converting movies to .flv a lot.

    I got it in trade for a web design job I did, and it wasn’t until a year later that I found a use for it (for MattPlays). Flix Standard, which is considerably more affordable, will also do nicely for gameplay videos.

  70. Nathan

    Ha sorry Matt but i need to know something else.

    Everything that i try to put my Hava Recordings on wont work.

    I used a flash drive (my one from school), went to my Hava Wireless Recordings and sent it to my Flash Key. I put my Flash key into my MBP and i tried to upload it to Final Cut Express and it said the file was invalid and wouldn’t let me upload to my Mac.

    I then tried to even use Windows Movie Maker, it wont even let me upload my Videos to WMM, honestly what is going on?

    What can i do to put my files on my Mac, i tried Boot Camp and i dont have my Cd’s so that is out of the question. Is there any special disks or something to put things on the cd to upload it to Mac or what?

    I dont know what to do help!

  71. Nathan: Only thing I can think of is that you don’t have the proper codecs installed. For Windows, you’ll want to install FFDShow, and for Mac OSX, you’ll want to install Perian.

    This should let you work with the .MPG files on both systems. You should also put the file from the flash drive to your laptop’s hard drive, rather than having Final Cut Express try to import it off the flash drive. FCE may not like importing from a flash drive.

  72. Rawr

    Can anyone confirm that this works in the UK D:

  73. Gare

    I don’t need an HD hava cause I don’t play in HD. Is there a cheaper device that would do the same thing as this one that I could use to capture videos? Also, if I’m not capturing HD, I shouldn’t have to worry about the green/red/white cords right?

  74. Gare: You have a couple of options for low-cost gameplay recording. You can use the Dazzle Platinum (about $75), which will allow you to record either via S-Video or Composite (SD, basically).

    Or you can use any capture card. Cheapest you can get is about $17.

    Keep in mind that I have no experience with either of these solutions, so you’ll have to find guides/how-to’s elsewhere on these methods. For example, here’s a video tutorial on how to use the Dazzle Platinum for Xbox 360 gameplay recording.

    You don’t have to worry about the green/red/blue cord, called component, as you’ll be working with composite or S-Video for SD. Composite is yellow (with audio as red and white) while S-Video is big and bulky, easy to tell it apart.

  75. Sean

    Hi Matt,

    I tried out flix pro, but was not able to get the quality that you have on
    What settings are you using for conversion?
    I have my hava set to record at best possible quality, so I don’t think there’s a problem on that end.


  76. Sean: Source’s aspect ratio and framerate. For video, 2-pass 1500kbps CBR, Keyframe settings set to 45 max (30 for very fast paced games). For audio, 22050Hz, 96kbit/s stereo MP3.

  77. Sean

    thanks again matt. any suggestions on video splitters/joiners?

    thanks again,

  78. Sean: I have no experience with splitters/joiners, so I can’t help you there.

  79. Jordan

    Thanks a lot for writing this tutorial, the quality looks amazing on your site.

    I really want to purchase this, however I don’t have an HD tv. I saw the Hava has an A/V Out plug. I was wondering, if I used that instead of the HD Out plug, would everything still work and record in HD quality?

    I assume it would work, since the Hava would send the HD quality footage through the ethernet cable, not what is being sent out to the tv.

    Thanks in advance.

  80. pbella29

    just a note for anyone from the UK considering using this:

    it only supports 576p resolution in PAL

    so my dream of playing in 1080i and recording at 720×480 is now pie-in-the-sky which sux big style however, its still better than using a dazzle and having to use s-video or composite to record and play. this info is based on using my ps3..

    i had alot of trouble arriving at this conclusion… i couldnt get the hava to select PAL setting until i changed my ps3 res setting to 576p – also the sound was all screwed until i set this.

    im gonna test whether my xbox360 can play ntsc games and mess around with the 50/60hz etc to see if i can actually play in a full HD res and record as normal with no problems..

  81. pbella29

    UK users (PAL) update:

    ok after a days messing around i’ve got it working. you can play your games in 1080i/p and record as normal with NTSC selected in the player settings. the mpegs produced wont render in windows movie maker or adobe flash encoder but they will in sony vegas pro 8 – and it also seems capable of sorting out the screwy sound. so, i play/record and then edit/render the resulting mpeg as a wmv in vegas which i can then convert easily to FLV using adobe flash encoder.

    if any PAL users want to see an example of a resulting FLV/WMV rendered for youtube quality, just leave a request and i’ll osrt one out.

    regards, paul.

  82. I’ve been trying to use VirtualDub to convert the .mpg file made by the HAVA to .avi. What are some good settings that will help get a better quality look like your videos? Is there more to it than just getting the parts you want converted? I can’t seem to achieve the quality you get.

  83. Jose

    hey matt,
    i can play my games on my tv on 1080? like i can have the hdtv on and set to 1080 and it will still record on my pc ..can i use the hava as a webcam like on and broadcast it live ?

    thanks alot

  84. Jordan: That’s correct, it can output HD even if your TV isn’t HD, so long as you have your console set to output as HD.

    pbella29: Thanks for the update for helping out those outside the U.S.

    Matt R.: It’s hard to say with VirtualDub because I don’t know what decoder you’re using, or settings. However, to make it easy, I recommend using Dr. Divx which is free, and can give you great quality if you use the High Definition preset. Most video sites out there accept divx video files, so that shouldn’t be a problem. If you want to display it on your site, you can use the Divx Web Player using the code generator.

    Jose: Yes, you can still play on your TV at 1080 without any problems while recording. You can use the Hava as a webcam, HOWEVER, to do this you’d have to use a 3rd party virtual webcam software to do this, as the Hava doesn’t let any webcam software utilize it (due to it’s dynamic bandwidth adjusting feature.) Examples of software you can use to do this are WebcamMax (not free) or the VH Screen Capture Driver (free).

  85. Thanks Matt. I look into using Dr. DivX. Being that Dr. DivX is just a converter tool. What should I use to edit the .mpg file to get the parts I want?

  86. Matt R.: I have no experience with editing programs, so I couldn’t help with that. VirtualDub is the favorite free solution, but it’s also pretty complicated for people that are new to the whole thing.

  87. Is it possible to use VirtualDub to cut out parts I don’t want and leave whatever is left over in the .mpg format? If that’s possible I can then use Dr. DivX to convert the remaining video.

  88. I believe that’s possible, you would need to set in VirtualDub for both Video and Audio to Direct Stream Copy after you’re done editing. I’m not 100% sure this will work, I’m just going by memory of the program here.

  89. Thanks. I’ll take a look at Virtual Dub again. I know last night I was able to set a start and stop point using VirtualDub and it encoded just the piece I wanted to .avi. But the output .avi was HUGE in size. This is why I was asking about the VirtualDub settings. I want to be able to upload to Vimeo for streaming purposes. I checked Vimeo site and they don’t allow .flv files. I tried Flix Pro for converting to .flv and it does a great job as far as file size which is perfect for streaming but is time consuming based on the settings you posted. But thanks again for the help. I’ll post back if I have any other questions. Also with so many people asking questions you MIGHT have to start a forum. lol.

  90. Will,

    I’m currently capturing from my PS3 and from the looks of your video it looks good to me. Are you talking about the name of other players? What did you use to edit the .mpg that HAVA made?

  91. Will

    Hi again,

    Matt, you ddon;’t notice the text in my video is like all cut off on either the top or bottom? and it seems blurry when my game was in motion.

    My ps3 outputs at 720p/1080i.

    To edit the hava i used movie aker on the default dvd widescreen settings, but before this the video outputted from hava still semmed to have this text problem im noticing.

    In the hava pc player before recording when i watch it live, its all blurry, which i dont understand why. When i record in 480p the quality is much cleaner/criper, even when i record in composite rather then component.

    image attached, any ideas what i must be doing wrong? because the video on is so much nicer.

  92. Jose

    hey matt,
    well thanks for your help , and with waht u said if used “Examples of software you can use to do this are WebcamMax (not free) or the VH Screen Capture Driver (free).” it can be used as a webcam on live stream site like correct ??thanks i gonna and sorry if you already did answer but im just asking again to have no doubts..thanks

  93. Will


    My issue of the font gettin cutoff/distorted might be because im playing in 720p/1080i and while recording to the hava, it resizes the video feed to 480p therefore if my font on the game is thin, it will resize and most likely be out of place, or partially cut off like in this case.

    What do you think?

    Because i tried other games with font not as thin and it worked much better.


  94. Jose

    its me again the VH Screen Capture Driver (free). one u said just crashes my pc every time i open it and my pc then boots and tells me went thur a serious problem occurred any ideas

  95. Yo, I’m a bit confused with some of this, so I connect a cable from my TV to the Hava, then a cable from my PS3 to the Hava, what cables do I connect?

  96. Will

    This how it works.
    PS3 component cables to a RGB coupler coupling the component-hava cable (included with hava) then attach the cable to the hava.

    Then the hava comes with a component cable that you feed the signal to your tv.


  97. Chris

    great tutorial it really helped, I Have everything hooked up correctly but the display on my computer is really lagging and skips from frame to frame so im looking for a solution, one problem may be that when buying my triple phone couplers the colors are yellow/red/white and not the HD colors of green/blue/red but i dont know if it matters or it may it be computer problem

  98. Will

    Did u set ur ps3 or xbox to output the video at 720p/1080i? I had my shit running at 1080p and it was skipping and didn’t show video, i couldn’t figure it out for a couple days.

  99. Sean

    What do you use for recording PC games, Matt?

  100. Jose

    hi matt, i bought the Two (2) triple phono couplers one is compent one is regular is that how you are doing it and you said with webcam max you could use to to broadcast correct ?? thanks in advance

  101. Jose: Yes, as long as they’re RCA, it can do both component and composite and stereo. WebcamMax will let you broadcast, yes.

  102. Jose

    matt thanks alot man i just got it up but wecammax saying its in use then i restarted my pc and it now dont open webcammax it jus freezzees and wat do u use to convert ur file to flv? like the format u pose them on ur site

  103. Jose: You have to tell WebcamMax to capture the screen or region, it’s the only way that’ll work. I use Flix Pro to convert my videos to .flv.

  104. Jose

    it is saying main source error on webcam max… saying this webcam is arelady in use but i dont even have it open ..

  105. Jose

    ohh ok thanks matt i get u noew thanks alot so i do not use webcam i use the screen…source… and thanks alot again

  106. Jose

    matt do u know of any thign else besides Flix Pro? some thing a little less than 250 ?? thanks

  107. Jose

    Hey Matt,

    what are the best setting you use on the hava to record wat formats and such ??

  108. thanks for the info
    your xbox is upside down

  109. Nick

    hey Matt,
    i’m interested in purchasing this product, but i have a question, my router is far away but im close to my computer, can i setup the Ethernet cable between the HAVA and my computer? Or does it have to be the router. Thanks a lot

  110. Nick: I haven’t tried hooking up directly to the computer, but my guess is that it’ll work. However, I suggest asking this in the Hava forums to be sure it won’t present any problems.

    Instead, I’d suggest using the Wireless HD or WiFi version of the Hava, they do cost a bit extra, though.

  111. Scott

    Is the Hava 1080P Compatible?

    Is there a model that allows HDMI from the xbox and out to the TV or will there be one soon?

    Can I run the Component cables and sound through my receiver first and then to my TV?

  112. Sam

    Hi! I was wondering if I would be able to record my videos from a laptop. And do I have to be connected to my wireless router to make this all work?

  113. Scott: The Hava is only 420p comatible, as in that it records up to 420p. However, you can passthrough and play in 1080p on your HDTV just fine, as long as your component cord is set to HD.

    There are no models with HDMI, the Xbox 360 has HDCP, so even if there was HDMI recording capabilities, it wouldn’t be possible because of the HDCP DRM.

    Yes you can run it to the receiver first, then to the TV.

    Sam: As long as your laptop has Windows installed, yes it’ll work fine. You don’t have to be, but it’ll work with a wireless router, or with a wired router. The laptop does have to be connected to the router for local recording, otherwise you can use remote recording, but the recording quality will be much lower as it’ll be grabbing the feed from the internet and not your local network.

  114. Sam

    Okay thanks! But let me clear this up for the record

    Lets say I wanted to record off my laptop with an external hard drive attatched via usb.

    I had an ethernet cord hooked from my laptop to my linksys wireless router

    I had the 360 hooked up to the wirless router as well

    Would this work?

  115. Sam: Yes, that’ll work. All wireless routers can function as a wired router Although you’d still have to connect the component cords to the Hava in order to record off the Xbox 360, as the recording won’t take place via ethernet from the Xbox 360 to the wireless router.

  116. Sam

    OK! Got It! Thanks a lot man! I’m gonna order one of these ASAP!

    Great site BTW!

    Do you update all of your HQ vids to some kind of server? Because I am thinking of starting a site similar to yours

  117. Nick

    I was wondering if the two triple phono couplers have to be one component and one composite or if they can both be the same, im confused on the triple phono couplers….

  118. Chris

    I was wondering if you actually needed RGB phone couplers because I can’t find them anywhere in stores. If I were to use regular (Red, Yellow, White) couplers, will it take away from the qaulity?

  119. Nathan

    2 questions, 1. my 360’s setup in living room with Ethernet cable run to my router in another room @35 ft. I have @100Ft of spare ethernet cable could I use the Platinum and run another 35ft of cable to the router or will it cause degradation of the video. 2. I have a DVD recorder in the same room as my 360, can the Hava be setup to output HD and still output SD on say the s cable directly to my DVD recorder, I know it doesn’t make a whole lotta sense but just wondering.

  120. Wayne

    i was wondering if u could help me? i have set up just like u have on ur guide but when i load the hava program (setup wizard) it says it cannot find my hava, also when i go onto the Hava Player it says my Hava is not on the same network even though it is :S. Any chance u may no whats causing this?

  121. Angel

    Wayne what is your set up?

    As for my question has anybody had the problem were your playing while the 360 is connected to the hava and when something flashes or an explosion happeneds or something like that the have cuts out and makes the screen go black for like 2 secounds? If so how do you fix it? Or is there even a fix?

  122. Wayne

    My setup is exactly how this tutorial shows. I think its a problem with the Hava it looks like it is constantly restting itself, all the lights come on then 3 of them stay on then the power 1 will stay on and 1 will flicker then the power and ready will stay solid for liker 2 seconds and then the ready 1 will go out and power only stays on, my xbox 360 works with this just the Hava wont connect to my PC.