Soy Is Not Healthy


Having a roommate that doesn’t eat very much meat, and prefers healthy over tasty means that I have a lot of soy-based products in my kitchen. Soy milk, soy margarine, tofu, you name it. Soy farmers are getting in on it, and soy companies are making ungodly amount of money raking in on the paranoia that has swept America in face of the obesity crisis. But is it really healthy for you?

According to this article at, it isn’t. They go into detail on why the negatives outweighs the positive of soy-based foods, and the dangers it poses. To name a few:

  • The majority of soy products come from genetically modified soybeans and have a high level of contamination by pesticides.
  • Soybeans contain a high level of phytic acid and other enzyme inhibitors which blocks the body’s uptake of essential minerals.
  • Soy milk contains isoflavones which act like estrogen, and can accelerate the onset of puberty and menstrual cycles.

From tofu and tacos to baby formula and burgers, soy products have swept the nation as a healthy source of protein, with a reputation for being all natural and good for you. New studies have however raised questions over whether the ingredients in soy might increase the risk of breast cancer in some women, affect brain function in men and lead to hidden developmental ab-normalities in infants.

Read the article and decide for yourself whether you should buy soy products.

The Mood for Music

Sexy Woman with Headphones

I wrote this in response to Monica, when she had asked if it was schizophrenia that she would listen to new music one day, and old music the next.  I thought I’d share my reply on here:

Some day you’re in the mood for new music, sometimes you want a comfort listen, a lot like comfort food … well, comforts you. It’s familiar, soothing, has deep-seated memories attached to them whether they be happy or sad.

To me, music is a lot like photography. They remind you of a time, place, mood, taste, smell, sight, and a myriad of other feelings. They’re tiny little bookmarks that make us such incredibly complex and sophisticated beings.

New music need a chance to develop (like new photographs) while old music are fully developed, worn around the edges, but still maintaining their colors, warmth, and personality.

Some days I’m in the mood for new music, to me it’s like deep-sea diving, looking for treasure. When you finally do stumble upon a treasure chest full of all the glories that is ear candy, it’s worth its weight in gold.

Other days I’m in the mood for music of the past, that remind me of my childhood, a certain time and/or place, or just to revisit a familiar friend.

One day it’s , the next it’s reggae. After that I could have a irresistible craving for . Then I’ll go back to indie rock, only to explore the tiny little subgenres of rock; , , , , and so on.

We live in the best time in the world for the appreciation of music as a whole. There’s so much at our fingertips, it’s deliciously overwhelming!

Photos of New York from 1885-1970’s

New York - 1931

This forum thread at Wired New York has an amazing amount of (mostly) black and white photographs showcasing the growth of New York from 1885, the early days of film-based photography, all the way to the 1970’s. It’s a great way to absorb what many say is the greatest city mankind has ever seen — New York.