Lost Odyssey & DiRT


I’m so not getting into Lost Odyssey for some reason. The world is too fantastic and weird, and the Japanese/Final Fantasy extremo vibe just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I’ll try this game later after I’ve put some other games under my belt.

I just got DiRT in from Gamefly. It seems I’m a sucker for a good arcade racing game. I can’t do the sim racers, though. PGR4, Gran Turismo, et al all feel too redundant and restrictive to me. Besides, I grew up on Demolition Derby, which ruined me forever with racing games.

I just unwrapped my shiny new Stronghold Crusader Extreme. I have a feeling not too many people will get this, as it is a HUGE shame. This is one of my favorite RTS of all time, and holy shit, they EXTREME’d IT!!!!!!!!!! Dude, if that isn’t reason enough to get it, nothing is.

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