Post to Ping.FM using Launchy

Update: Ping.FM is no longer available. The information below is now obsolete.

With Ping.FM sending status updates, micro-blog posts, and blog posts to a number of different services, I thought it’d be nice to be able to quickly send an update using Launchy.

To do this, it requires the installation of Blat, a command-line email utility.  Here’s a mini-guide on how to get posting to Ping.FM using Launchy:

  1. Download and install Blat.  Here’s an example line on how to install Blat using these details — email:, smtp server:, username: mattieboo, and password: blah
    blat -install - - - mattieboo blah
  2. Open Launchy options and click on the Plugins tab.  Click on Runner and double-click the Program field, then enter the path to the Blat executable.
  3. Double-click on Arguments and enter this:
    - -to -f -subject Ping -body "$$"

    Where is the email gives you to send in updates.

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  1. Great tip! I’ll have to give this a shot for sure!

  2. Pittsy

    Hey, thanks for the tip..unfortunately I’m having a bit of trouble getting it working.

    I cant seem to get blat installed.
    I’ve copied the .exe to my \windows\system32 folder but when I do the blat -instal… bit i get “blat is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file”

    Also, on the Launchy side of things what do you name the runner?

    any help you can give me on this would be great.
    I had been looking for an answer similar to the twitter updates but this looks like a similar idea.


  3. Pittsy: When installing blat, make sure you’re in the C:\Windows\System32 directory in the cmd window. To do this, type cd .. until you are at the root C:\ folder. Now type cd windows and then cd system32. Now try installing it with the above instruction. If that doesn’t work, try typing blat.exe instead of just blat

    For the name in Runner, you can use anything you want. I personally use p, so all have to do is hit ALT-Space to bring up Launchy and then type p, hit tab, and whatever I want to say. You can use ping, u or update; anything you want, really.

  4. Robert H

    When I try this, I get some error message from Blat, but it disappears too quickly for me to see what it is. I can run the command from the shell and it works fine, so the argument is formatted correctly. Do you know a way to make the cmd window popped up by Runner pause so I can see what the error was?

  5. Robert H

    Shoot – nevermind – I was using quotes in what I was trying to post.

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