Contour Design/Bluetrek SurfaceSound Compact

Bluetrek SurfaceSound Compact

That bluetooth headset making you look like a douchebag? Contour Design/BlueTrek to the rescue, with their new SurfaceSound Compact. It’s a bluetooth-enabled speaker and mic that slides onto the visor in your car. It basically allows you to answer the cellphone (or any other device that supports bluetooth) and talk hands-free, plus it cancels out the background noise if you got a noisy car. It can be gotten for $65, about the price of your average flimsy bluetooth headset, without the douchebaggery.

I got serious gadget fever drooling over this. I think I’ll get one for my iPhone.

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  1. You know, I absolutely hate my bluetooth. In fact, it’s in my purse somewhere, buried deep and I can never find it when my phone rings and I’m driving so guess what? I am still answering my phone the illegal way. I think I will look into this! Do you buy it direct from the company or somewhere like Circuit City? Any clue?

  2. OH no, don’t tell me it only works with the iPhone? :(

  3. No, not just the iPhone, it will work and is compatible with all Bluetooth devices. So it’ll work fine on your cell phone.

    You can order it from an online store for much cheaper, although the stores may not be very reputable, so you’re taking a chance. Examples:

    Or you can get buy it direct, or even better, from Amazon for around the MSRP, but without any risks:

  4. Thanks! I am more than likely going to buy this so really thanks for mentioning it on here. I’ll let you know if I like it or not after purchasing :)

  5. lol, douchebaggery. I’d buy it if they used your blog lingo to market it!

  6. dsalmon

    More douchebaggery:
    Don’t twist the unit while it is attached to the visor, it will break off in your hand. Volume resets to nominal (not enough) when the unit is turned off. Positioning is everything if you do not like the microphone in your field of view. On my second one now – using kid gloves, so it is not a total flop.

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