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Back from the surgeon and I’m still alive! Not that it was a harrowing experience. Three times they set me up for local anesthesia, three time they apologized for their mistake and said it was going to be general. Then I go in and we confirmed with the receptionist that it was going to be general anesthesia for an hour to remove 8 teeth. She said yes, that’s correct. I won’t remember a thing.

So I’m called in and get all set up, they inject a needle for an IV, all expected actions for general anesthesia. However, then the surgeon started using multiple needle shots in my mouth to numb the area, which had me confused. Wouldn’t they wait until I was unconscious before they started doing that. It was a bit painful, the light was blinding my eyes, I had one nurse holding my legs and another holding my chin up, and a block in my mouth to keep it wide open. I kept thinking, “Any time now, I’m going to go night night and wake up to it all being done.”

Well, that definitely didn’t happen. I remember every second, every yank, pull, tug, scrape, and stab. The pain wasn’t too bad until the tugging and pressing down for extraction started activating some deeper nerves, so I had to grunt and scowl and the surgeon backed off for a bit. Then he went in again and eventually the tooth came out. Repeat this process for 8 teeth.

I was a little woozy afterwards and they let me lay down for a bit on a bed to recover my wits. I was told I couldn’t drive home, which was a real bummer. It was the only way to test the theory if car insurance covers actions resembling bumper car action.

In hindsight, I should’ve read up about what Twilight anesthesia was, which apparently is a mild anesthesia with anti-anxiety and hypnosis and a way to prevent memories from forming (I don’t think this worked too well, unless they did a lot more that I wasn’t aware of.) Probably just as well. If I had known it was called Twilight anesthesia, I probably would’ve been disappointed that it didn’t involve twinkling vampires and shirtless werewolves.

In any case, that’s done and over with and I’m ready to move on and heal and already looking forward to a nice, juicy steak a few weeks down the road. I’m especially looking forward to not having a perpetual headache.

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