I was scheduled for a third laser surgery session today on my toe but they canceled it as the toe was infected again. The medication that I’m taking for my skin, Soriatane, has the side effect of weakening the nails and cuticles, and it has caused what they call granulations on the nailbed. This prevents a normal nail growth, which is why I ended up with an ingrown toenail at some point a couple years ago.

At this point they are thinking I might have to temporarily stop taking the Soriatane so they can get a handle on removing the granulations and stop infections from occurring in my toe, then put me back on it when that happens. They are uncertain, however, if this will cause my eyesight to deteriorate back to where I was considered legally blind pre-Soriatane.

I’m nervous about the idea of my eyesight going bad again, even if temporarily. However, I’m also pretty sick of dealing with the pain in the toe and not being able to sleep at night due to it.

Not to point out the obvious to everybody, but if you ever get an ingrown toenail, treat it very, very seriously. Take it from me, I’m a doct … well, I’m not a doctor but definitely take it seriously.