New Books & Homemade Dip

My sweetheart, Tammy, bought me two wonderful books to help expand my knowledge as a web designer. Designers are quite familiar with the people behind the book, they’re proponents of the languages and design world. Jeremy Zeldman’s Designing With Web Standards, and Eric Meyer’s On CSS. I’m in the beginning stages with Zeldman’s book, and will divulge into Eric’s book afterwards. It’s really an exciting time to be a designer, as the focus has shifted from bulky and distracting image-heavy sites, to usable and efficient designs that communicates, not dazzle.

The base ingredient of most hot sauces is vinegar, hot pepper (cayenne, jalapeno, habenero), and salt. Sometimes they even add garlic. Well I’ve put together all of that with cayenne, and one up the formula by adding horseradish. Zesty, and tasty. I’m currently dipping away at it using toasted wheat crackers. Yum.

Chilled To Hyper In 0:01

I’ve just woke up and started doing my early morning surfing of the net, and I had iTunes on, playing a chilled trance mix. It was soothing, retro Enigma eurodance stuff, and that went on for about an hour, and then suddenly at the end, iTunes decided to switch to hardcore industrial metal by Rammstein, a German band that I have no idea what they sing about (it sounds mean and guttaral though).

Sometimes I wonder if iTunes just loves pulling pranks when selecting songs randomly from my collection. The brain of iTunes:

if (playing soothing love songs)
then (when.done);
play {hateful death metal songs}

Okay, Rammstein is done, now Sublime is playing, singing about caressing you down, with my kung fu grip.

Virus Writers Aren’t Antisocial

On BBC NEWS | Technology | A glimpse inside the virus writer, they write about how a research was done on virus writers, and they aren’t all teenage antisocial nitwits living in basements and hating the world.

There’s also another research done on antisocial psychopath murderers, like Ted Bundy, and apparently not all of them are antisocial mass murderers. They are happy people, who love everybody, donate to charities, and partake in community affairs. Just whatever you do, don’t look in their freezers and basements.

Mucky Foot Closes Up

According to a report by Computer And Video Games, a great UK game developer, Mucky Foot, has closed shop. They created the highly entertaining and unique space station simulator, Startopia. It is one of my favorite real-time strategy games out there. It’s a shame to see a good developer go down. While not as bad as Looking Glass dying, Mucky Foot had unique talents that ranged back from the Bulldog days. Hopefully the people that were laid off are hired by other reputable and good development studios so the PC game industry continues innovating and creating fun PC games. R.I.P. Mucky Foot.