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They should put clarified butter in a spray and call it Ghee Whiz.

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Well I’ve been an anxious and nervous wreck the past three days, but I’m hoping things are finally looking up. On Saturday, Buddy the Yorkie, was so lethargic and weak that he couldn’t stand up or walk. The night before he was perfectly fine, so something happened throughout the night but we didn’t know what it was.

All day he just laid on the floor, not eating or drinking. By the end of the day we decided to take him to the small animal hospital emergency room, where they ran some tests and x-rays on him. The good news is that his heart size has gone down, where two years ago it was swollen and he had fluids in his lungs, causing it to press against his trachea making it hard to breathe. Lasix medication helped this and for the next two years he was a puppy again, full of energy and joy.

The diagnosis at the hospital was that he has some sort of neck injury, possibly a slipped disc, causing him some pain. After so many years of jumping and all the other normal activities a dog like him goes through, it wore down some part of his vertebrae and Friday night something happened. Eventually we discovered (on Sunday) that he was severely dehydrated because he wasn’t drinking as much water as he normally would, no matter how much we coaxed him to do so.

On Sunday he didn’t improve, so we took him to the local vet and they provided an IV to hydrate him. That helped significantly, as he got home and walked around a little, drank a lot of water, ate some food, and then promptly went to sleep.

This morning he is still a little weak and unsteady, but he walked around a little, went out and relieved himself, drank some water, ate a little food. He’s at the vet again to get him on the IV again and hydrated, plus they did a full blood test to make sure it wasn’t his liver that could be causing problems. I’m hoping that, by the end of the day, when he gets home that he’ll have improved even more and we can get him back to a more manageable and painless existence.

The average lifespan for a Yorkie is between 13-16 years, apparently, and we think Buddy is around 13 years old. We found him in Sept. 2005, so we’ve had him for 12 years and suspect he was around a year old when he showed up. So we’re aware that he’s an elderly dog and every moment from here on out are precious and to be completely cherished. I really wish a dog’s lifespan were longer, though. It really doesn’t seem like we’ve had Buddy for that long.

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Jumping in on this: 10 bands I’ve seen live and one I have not. Guess which one.

Jackson Browne
The Smashing Pumpkins
Bo Diddley
Marilyn Manson
Fountains of Wayne
Flogging Molly
Ozzy Osbourne

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You know you’ve officially entered old age when you get excited about ordering a new pan on Amazon. I’m expecting the mid-life crisis to kick in any day now.