LockerGnome Redesigned

LockerGnome has been redesigned, and it is incredibly sexy. Using valid XHTML and CSS code, it loads up quick, and the interface is easy to use and follow. I’m hoping more large sites start noticing sites like LockerGnome and realizing they want some of that efficient goodness. The people responsible are Chance and Jason, as well as Chris who runs LG. Good job guys!

Top Ten Reasons To Learn CSS

By all that is holy, if you work on webpages, and you haven’t learned CSS, then maybe this will wake you up to the revolution of streamlined web design: Design Industry Interviews — Here’s a couple of reasons to get you started:

  • Faster download times. Reduction of file size is about 50% less than a Web page built with traditional Web design methods.
  • Shorter development time. Easily tweak the design of a thousand-page site with just a few edits of one CSS file.

If these reasons aren’t enough, then maybe you should reconsider your priorities. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Things On The Agenda

Things on my agenda, based on no particular order:

  • Continue learning XHTML and CSS, certifying validation is passed
  • Learn about accessibility, and relevant tags, for the disabled
  • Create different styles and typography selections
  • Learn about movabletype and take advantage of all features
  • Start new business