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250 HTML And Web Design Secrets

Molly has her new book out today, 250 HTML And Web Design Secrets; her 32nd book now. I’m always hungry for new secrets of web design, so you can be sure I’m going to get this book. You can get it either from Amazon or from Wiley. Here’s the blurb on this book: “Do more…

Mozilla Update In IE

My friend, Phy, pointed out how horrible Mozilla Update looks when using Internet Explorer, and man he was not kidding! Holee Crap! I bet the designer did that on purpose though. ;)

Allmusic Redesign has been redesigned with a new look. I got greeted by a lovely yellow message, and unfortunately they cover up their tail poorly. I reveal the truth in the message. gives some straight criticism on the new redesign.

Identical Website Twins

Check: BecomeAGeek & AListApart I was under the sneaky suspicion that AListApart was supposed to help you become a better web site designer, not a lazier one. Maybe it’s just me.