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Milk And Vomit

No, it’s not a new recipe from the Projectile Vomitting Is An Art Foundation, but the results of a teacher’s experiment gone wrong. A teacher, to demonstrate the body’s ability to break down acid in milk, had students drink large quantities of milk, resulting in 13 out of 45 students vomitting the contents of their…

Superhero Clerks

While surfing around, I found this hilarious Flash animation depicting famous Superheroes in the movie, Clerks. If you haven’t seen Clerks, then you probably won’t get most of this animation’s humor, but you’ll still enjoy it. If you’re a fan of Kevin Smith, you’ll definitely appreciate this. Check it out here.

Nosferatu Rapture

Over at my robot friend, you’ll find a nifty Flash that covers a Blondie song called Rapture. It’s pretty neat to watch, and worthy of breakdancing to. In other Halloween news, it seems we almost lost the classic horror film, Nosferatu, due to copyrights. This is one case where you can be thankful for pirates….

In Other News…

Well the Florida Marlins won the World Series, and the celebration begins here in Florida. It’s pretty impressive, considering the team was created in 1993, and already they have won 2 World Series in the franchise’s life. I imagine a lot of bets were lost tonight, as Analysts and baseball enthusiasts all felt the Yankees…