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My Top 10 Most Listened Songs

My profile is now over 2 years old, meaning it has collected my listening habits for the past 2 years every time I play a song. The grand total, as of this writing, says that in that 2 year span I’ve listened to 20,657 songs. I put together a list of the Top 10…

Leading Ladies – Playlist

Here’s a playlist of songs I’ve made at Finetune, consisting of leading ladies with beautiful, soothing voices that I always enjoy. When I’m feeling miserable and depressed, these are the artists I turn to get me relaxed.

Arrested Development Season 1-3 Tributes

By far the funniest comedy television show I’ve ever seen is Arrested Development. It was cut short after 3 seasons by Fox. Someone put together a tribute to all 3 seasons, showing the funniest scenes in each one. I had bought the DVD of all three seasons and it has given me lots of laugh…

My Morning Jacket Live

Other than the Florida Gators going to the national title game, this video of My Morning Jacket live at Austin City Limits has been the highlight of my week: My Morning Jacket has to be the best live rock band in America today. Watching this performance gives me goosebumps everytime.