Mashup Torrents Available

Due to popular demand, I’ve made available torrents for each volume of mashups on the Tunes page. I am uploading this from my own connection, and I can upload up to 245kB/sec, so it may take a little while for more seeders other than me to happen and the speed to increase. Enjoy!

Update: Due to too many leechers and no seeders, I’ve stopped providing these torrents. I gave the torrents to others, and they had the same problem — too many hit-and-runners. Sharing 18GB worth of mashups just wasn’t working with people not willing to share after downloading a volume, or all seven. If you’d still like to download all the mashups, head on over to the Mashups page.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner, and soon the ghouls, zombies, and lesbian witches will haunt the night:

Happy Halloween!

Okay, so maybe there are no lesbian witches, but at least there are witches. My mom is one. She made this “soup” one time, it was so horrible, I think it had newt brains and frog eyes in it.

Anyways, to celebrate Halloween, here’s a music video put together by the North American Halloween Prevention Initiative, a group of superstars that got together to put out the song, “Do They Know It’s Hallowe’en?”, which can be purchased online The song is for a charity benefit, all proceeds will go to the United Nations Childrens Fund (UNICEF), so I highly recommend you check it out.

Tunes Page Updated – 2,747 Mashups

Update: There are now 2,748 songs. As a thank you reward for a donation to help with bandwidth from sharing the whole collection, you get access to all of the songs, which totals 18GB. See the Tunes page for more details.

I’ve updated the Tunes page with a slew of mashups to listen to, and download.  It spans 7 volumes, and totals 2,747 tunes to listen to.  I’ve also updated the player with a whole new look, to make it easier to use and view each song.  Finally, there’s a handy FAQ below the player addressing the most common questions I’ve received since putting these tunes up.  Enjoy!

Tim Tebow takes on the LSU Tigers

Here’s a little highlight video showing how even with limited action, Tim Tebow manages to dismantle the Tigers much vaunted defense:

YouTube has taken down this video, due to it violating copyright (it was televised nationally on CBS.) It looks like Google’s takeover of YouTube is already sending the service down the tube. I guess it was inevitable, but it’s still sad to see it happen.

Go Gators!