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Philips & Jamie Oliver Presents the HomeCooker

HomeCooker by Jamie Oliver & Philips

Philips has teamed up with Jamie Oliver to present a multi-functional appliance that is designed to do multiple cooking jobs all at the same time. It’s not cheap at $400 and I can’t see Jamie Oliver going anywhere near one to use it, but it is pretty interesting from a gadget perspective. Here’s the product…

FDA finds salmonella strain in jalapeno pepper


The Associated Press: FDA finds salmonella strain in jalapeno pepper is the latest story in the hunt for the salmonella outbreak that has sickened over a thousand people this summer. Which has me sad, because I eat a lot of jalapeno peppers. Not just in hot sauces, but in salsa, and if there’s anything I…

Soy Is Not Healthy


Having a roommate that doesn’t eat very much meat, and prefers healthy over tasty means that I have a lot of soy-based products in my kitchen. Soy milk, soy margarine, tofu, you name it. Soy farmers are getting in on it, and soy companies are making ungodly amount of money raking in on the paranoia…

Blair’s Pure Death Sauce

Blair's Pure Death Hot Sauce

I was given a new hot sauce as a gift, Blair’s Pure Death Hot Sauce with Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) and Skull Key Chain, with the new pepper hotter than a habanero, called Naga Jolokia. I’ve been enjoying this hot sauce quite a lot, especially on Mexican food and in soups. It was so good that…