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Vegetable Soup!!!!

When I was a young kid, like most any kid, I hated vegetables. I wanted junk food, meat, and sweets. Every weekend, I would spend at my aunt’s house. I would enjoy going there to spend time with my cousins, Bobby and Kimmy. My cousin Bobby who was older than me, I looked up to…

Bean Sprouts

Otherwise known as green gram or mung beans, these things are amazing. I’ve had them before, of course, mostly the canned variety, in stir fries (or what we Americans pass off as stir fry.) However, it wasn’t until yesterday that I had them fresh. My roommate’s brother came by with a dish full of them….

The Perfect Cheeseburger

I present to you the perfect cheeseburger (get a kleneex for the tears.) From Chubby Hubby:

Oh No You Didn’t!

Sweet mother of Jesus!  Someone made crawfish cappucino on Iron Chef. That’s just … wrong.