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Tomb Raider: Anniversary Video

Welcome back, Miss Croft! After countless sequels of crappy Tomb Raiders, finally a version comes out that recaptures that magic of the first two games. This Anniversary edition reimagines the first Tomb Raider, the one I have so many fond memories of, and updates it with modern graphics, new gameplay mechanics, and a remastered soundtrack….

My DeskShot

I just uploaded my DeskShot. I spend a lot of time on and around computers. I fix them for other people for money. I use mine for entertainment, watching widescreen movies, playing the latest games, and listening to music. I use mine for research and learning, and for communicating with friends and family. I use…

World of Warcraft – Flying Mount

I’ve been sucked back into the world of World of Warcraft, thanks to the Burning Crusades expansion, and managed to get to level 70, and bought the coveted flying mount. This has effectively opened up a whole new world in the game, allowing for greater freedom and less dying, and saved time. I also, as…

Visiontek Radeon X1950 Pro AGP Review

Instead of spending up to or over $1,000 to upgrade my motherboard, processor, and power supply in order to buy the latest generation of PCI-e cards, I decided to stay with my current system and get the latest and fastest AGP solution available. Since ATI just released their new Radeon X1950 Pro cards which supports…