The National Broke PC Gamer Month

This is the time of the year when game publishers start releasing their games, mostly to take advantage of the upcoming holiday seasons.  Games that come out in late October/early November that turn out to be really good gets added on gift lists.  For us gamers, this can be both a blessing and a curse.

Sometimes a game will be far from finished, but end up being pushed out the door upon unsuspecting customers because investors and publishers want to get the money, meanwhile the gamers who got these rushed, unfinished games are stuck with a lemon (most stores have no return policy for open PC games.)

Other times the game can turn out to be truly excellent, as was the case with Half-Life 2 when it was released in November 2004.  It sold at a brisk pace during that holiday season.  This season the games to look forward to are Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (which I preordered yesterday, and posted about here), Neverwinter Nights 2, Guild Wars:  Nightfall, World of Warcraft: Burning Crusades expansion, and a bunch more.

On top of that, there’s Nintendo’s Wii and Sony’s Playstation 3 coming out, along with a handful of console games like Gears of War and Final Fantasy XII coming out, making this a very bad month on the wallet.

SteelSecurity Review

SteelSecurity is a suite of applications put together into a single interface. It is aimed at the hardcore gamer who wants his/her computer secure while not having it eat away precious resources while gaming, either offline or online. In fact, I’m the type of gamer that has eschewed antivirus software for years entirely because I got tired of forgetting to shut down the program before I start a game.

Everytime I got infected, I’d just reformat and reinstall Windows all over again. It was a complicated solution to the problem, but I had to have my gaming. With SteelSecurity, it looks to provide the solution that I’ve been looking for as a gamer, and I know many other gamers out there too would find it incredibly useful.

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Omikron – The Nomad Soul

Before the awesome adventure game, Fahrenheit, Quantic Dream developed Omikron – The Nomad Soul, which was a hybrid action/adventure/fps/fighting game. Unfortunately it wasn’t fun in any of the genres it tried to tackle, but it was still a pretty ambitious game. For one, it featured David Bowie, great music, and at the time great graphics (no computer could run the game at full quality.)

Now computers can, and when I found the Omikron disc lying around I decided to record a movie at the beginning of the game.

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Boys and Their …

Cars! Destruction! More cars and destructions! Just something about these kind of games that gets us going:

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This was a simple figure eight race in Flatout 2. Back in the days when I first started gaming on the PC, a game called Destruction Derby came out. It featured cars and destructive mayhem. Car parts would fly off, sparks would shoot when metal came in contact with metal or concrete, and the pace was fast and furious. Flatout relives those glory days, and this sequel just adds more of the chaotic goodness. Sure, it’s boys and their toys, but I love it.