KKK Still Inducts Stupid People

Here’s proof that the KKK are still going after extremely stupid people. During an intiation ceremony (and I use that term loosely), a 45 year old moron fired a bullet into the air, which promptly came down out of the sky and hit the new blindfolded KKK member, a 24 year old moron, right in the head. Haven’t they heard of the fact, what goes up, must come down? Fortunately, the bullet made an exit out of the bottom of the skull. It’s a good thing his brain was so tiny, as he was able to survive.

The new KKK motto: Stupidity in large numbers.

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Virus Writers Aren’t Antisocial

On BBC NEWS | Technology | A glimpse inside the virus writer, they write about how a research was done on virus writers, and they aren’t all teenage antisocial nitwits living in basements and hating the world.

There’s also another research done on antisocial psychopath murderers, like Ted Bundy, and apparently not all of them are antisocial mass murderers. They are happy people, who love everybody, donate to charities, and partake in community affairs. Just whatever you do, don’t look in their freezers and basements.

Blogosphere.us Reworked

Over at blogosphere.us, the site has been updated with word on a new reworking of the site, with new features, and trends. It also allows quick access to what the collective voice of bloggers have to say each day. From blogosphere.us:

Have you ever wondered what the collective voices of a few hundred thousand people might say? This Web site collects links from weblogs all over the world to discover just what it is people everywhere are talking about.

A great resource to find what’s interesting out there in the blogosphere. I also enjoy Blizg as well.