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A revolutionary online Bible that enables community and collaboration like never before.

Pretty impressive set of features, slick design, I can see this site being pretty popular with modern and old Christians.

Chemical Party (via eutube)

Chemical Party (via eutube)…

Lost Odyssey & DiRT

I’m so not getting into Lost Odyssey for some reason. The world is too fantastic and weird, and the Japanese/Final Fantasy extremo vibe just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I’ll try this game later after I’ve put some other games under my belt.

I just got DiRT in from Gamefly. It seems I’m a sucker for a good arcade racing game. I can’t do the sim racers, though. PGR4, Gran Turismo, et al all feel too redundant and restrictive to me. Besides, I grew up on Demolition Derby, which ruined me forever with racing games.

I just unwrapped my shiny new Stronghold Crusader Extreme. I have a feeling not too many people will get this, as it is a HUGE shame. This is one of my favorite RTS of all time, and holy shit, they EXTREME’d IT!!!!!!!!!! Dude, if that isn’t reason enough to get it, nothing is.

Spring Sunset Shower

We’ve been getting spring showers here in Florida lately, which is helping keep the temperature a bit cool. The mixture of a white clouds, a spring storm, and a sunset is shown in this video I recorded using my camera. Click here to watch the video