The Meaning of Dreams

Dreams – You mean they’re saying something?

Haven’t you always wanted to know more about your dreams and what they mean? How many times have you thought “could that dream be trying to tell me something?” Have you ever woke up in the morning and felt you had the answer to a problem, but weren’t quite sure how you got it? Yeah, yeah. We’ve all been there.

And, what about those nasty recurring dreams that are just dreadful? What are they all about? What the heck’s going on in my head at night? Now, the good news here is, I wouldn’t be asking you all these questions unless I already had the answer!

There’s an e-book you can download instantly with all the answers, plus a lot more. Just click here and sweet dreams!

Florida Gators Basketball Champs – Again!

Wow, 3 championships won in the past two years by the University of Florida Gators. Two by the basketball team, back-to-back, and one by the football team. I tell you, as a life-long Gators fan, I am truly becoming spoiled with all this winning of championships. They’re going to have to make bigger cases to display all the trophies in Gainesville! My poor aunt and uncle buying me championship gears (t-shirts, mugs, pictures, books, dvd’s) are going to go broke if this keeps up.

Congratulations, Florida Gators for winning the 2007 NCAA basketball championship! The icing on the cake was that they beat Ohio State … again, after having beat them in the 2007 BCS football championship earlier this year, 41-14. I consider myself truly blessed to see this team in action for two years. My sister, who will be graduating from University of Florida this August, will once again be in the midst of Partytown Central. I say it’s good to be a Gator!

Florida Gators 2007 NCAA Basketball Champions

Florida Gators – 2007 National Champions

Back in April last year, I celebrated the championship of the Gators when the men’s basketball team thrashed and dominated UCLA.  Now today I celebrate the championship of the men’s football team, who like the basketball team during the championship game, thrashed and dominated Ohio State University.  It was an absolute killing in every facet of the game.  The final score?  41-14!  Phew.

What made it sweeter is that everyone, from analysts, betters, and football fans everywhere said the Gators don’t deserve to be in the title game.  That they aren’t good enough to face the juggernaut that is Ohio State, who demolished everyone (except Michigan) on their schedule.  Judging by last night’s game, looks like they just had a weak schedule.  Come to the SEC, OSU, then let’s see how you fare.  As a note, OSU are now 0 for 8 against SEC teams.  Big 10 went 2-5 in Bowl games this year.

Chris Leak, the MVP of the game, deserved the championship.  He faced every kind of obstacle a quarterback can face – changing coaches, offense philosophies, different guidelines, etc.  Yet he overcame it all, and now he’s one of two best quarterbacks the University of Florida has ever had in its 100 year college football history.  I remember when he first announced he would become a Florida Gators back in 2003, he told other kids who were thinking of going to Florida, to join him and win a championship with him.  He delivered on that promise.

So congratulations, Gators, it was a very fun season to watch, and the championship game was extremely exciting.  You’ve made this lifelong Gators one very happy fan!  Go Gators!