Category: Humor

My Roommate Doesn’t Like Me Anymore

You may have seen this story on the front page of, where some guy with a Jamaican accent killed a cop and his dog, and shot another officer in the leg.  This took place in Lakeland which is 15 minutes down the road from where I live.  There’s cops, helicopters, and a manhunt going down…

Snakes on a Computer

I’ve had it with these muthafucking snakes in this muthafucking computer!

Spectrum of Pain, like a Rainbow!

I was surfing around on the telly, looking for something interesting when I stumbled upon a new Adult Swim cartoon called Korgoth of Barbaria. This particular scene I saw had me in a quivering puddle of goo as I cried and laughed and winced in pain from the cramps all at the same time. It’s…

I Crack Myself Up

Sometimes I get so silly, I can’t help myself. This time I gone off and done it again. What would happen if Google bought MySpace? GoogleSpace! Here’s my GoogleSpace: – Warning: Not boss/kid safe.