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Huge List of Upload Services

Here’s a huge list of upload services where you can upload and share large files. With email, you’re limited to 10MB files, while most homemade upload services is restricted by PHP’s own upload filesize limit. These upload services are ideal for sharing large videos, compressed archives, and whatever else you need them for. Update 2/25/09:…

Blog Stats for Good Blimey

Something I noticed when puttering about in the admin interface for this blog: Good Blimey was started in July 2003 (the archives goes back to October 2003 because I lost data when I changed from MovableType, to pMachine, and finally to WordPress which I’m still using now. I’ve nearly posted 500 entries, yet people have…

Gaming News Site –

Today I’m opening up a new gaming site I’ve put together, called The goal of the site is to keep up with the latest gaming news, provide honest reviews and interesting articles, give you instant gameplay video (no cutscenes or CGI renders!), and quality screenshots to enjoy. For the grand opening, we have a…

I Crack Myself Up

Sometimes I get so silly, I can’t help myself. This time I gone off and done it again. What would happen if Google bought MySpace? GoogleSpace! Here’s my GoogleSpace: – Warning: Not boss/kid safe.