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The Refreshments – Banditos

I can’t remember when I first heard this song, but it was on the radio, and I remember thinking how utterly catchy it was, and the lyrics rocks too. At the time, I was into Nine Inch Nails and Smashing Pumpkins, so I was surprised that I enjoyed this song so much. For some reason…

Moby – My Weakness

One thing I really like about Moby is that he doesn’t restrict his music taste to any one style or genre. He just goes with what feels and sounds good, and that’s why I think the whole Play album is extraordinary. Not one song is alike, it spans a number of genres, and can never…

Postal – Angel Pumping Gas

Angel Pumping Gas was largely thought to be by The Postal Service, but it’s actually by a band formerly called Postal, and now known as Lindsey Pool. It’s an insanely catchy love song with great lyrics that I find myself playing it often.

[audio:Postal – Angel Pumping Gas.mp3]

Morningwood – Nth Degree

A song by Morningwood I enjoyed after hearing it on an episode of Veronica Mars (2nd season): [audio:Morningwood – Nth Degree.mp3]